By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

KNOWN for its vintage cars, going to Cuba is like travelling through a time-warp into 1960’s America

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Cuba is well known for their vintage cars

An estimated 60,000 candy-coloured vintage cars are owned in Cuba, including classic Fords, Chryslers and Chevrolets.

Cuba was unable to trade with countries other than USA

The cars first because popular when international trade restrictions came into place in 1959.

Photographer Andreas Jansen went to see the vintage cars for himself

The need for permission to purchase a foreign-made car has now been abolished, meaning that Cuban citizens can own cheaper, and more easily fixed vehicles.

Many of the cars have been restored to their former glory

Airline employee Andreas Jansen photographed the colourful cars in September 2016.

The cars come in an array of candy colours

He said: “Their numbers are seriously declining with all the new Chinese cars being imported nowadays.”

Unfortunately the vintage cars are expensive to run

Whilst fuel costs are cheaper for imported cars, Cuban locals are proud of their vintage cars, with many mechanics restoring them to their former glory.