By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

DEXTER Mayfield is refusing to let his rotund size dictate his life - and is instead fulfilling his dream of becoming a dancer

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Dexter Mayfield got into dancing when he was in his twenties

Weighing in at more than 300lbs Dexter, 31, who currently resides in California, has performed with some of the biggest music acts in the world.

As well as being an accomplished dancer, Dexter has also branched out into acting and modelling.

He said: “It’s been a wild ride, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Bareilles and the new Ghostbusters film.”

The triple threat made headlines last year by becoming the world’s first plus size male model after strutting his stuff on the catwalk at LA fashion week.

After years of battling with his weight, and struggling with body confidence, Dexter made the decision to follow his personal passion of becoming a dancer.

The rotund dancer has danced for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Bareilles

Dexter said: “My size has definitely been the longest battle of my life. But I think that when I came into my 20’s I started to actually do what I love, just dance more specifically.”

“I think that really taught me to embrace my size, not only because I could do what people didn’t expect but simply because it made me happier. I felt good doing it.”

Dexter’s journey of self confidence started years before he took up dancing as he has battled with his weight for most of his life.

One of the dancer’s most significant memories as a child was when he was dropped from his American football team due to his size.

Dancing has helped to improve Dexter's confidence
As well as dancing, Dexter also does modelling and acting

Reminiscing on this milestone moment Dexter said: “My coach had to take me in the bathroom restrooms to gather myself, like, ‘Listen, you know you’re gonna have to step up to the next team but it’s gonna be okay, you can do this.’

“I actually realised that, ‘Hey, you know, yes I’m a bigger person but what I’m doing matters and that I am good enough.’ “

In addition to his glittering dance career, Dexter has also been dabbling in the acting and modelling industry.

Dexter has modelled at LA fashion week making him the world's first male plus size model
During LA fashion week Dexter modelled for designer Marco Marco

Although relatively new to the modelling world, the portly performer has attracted the attention of some of the fashion industry’s up and coming designers.

He explained: “I became a model literally nine months ago, for Marco Marco who is an amazing fashion designer. He designs for Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea.”

Despite having no experience in modelling, the body confident dancer decided to take the plunge and make history by becoming the first male plus size model.

“I never modelled before. At that time I was a full time dancer and actor and I was just like, ‘You know let’s go ahead and give this a shot’.”

Recalling the momentous moment Dexter said: “Walking in Marco’s fashion show literally was the most empowering experience of my entire life. I never got so much love, so much support and so much excitement to see something different coming down the runway.”

The triple threat has been with his weight since he was a child
Dexter said: "I think that if you love who you are at that point in your life you are good."

Dexter’s appearance at LA Fashion Week has helped to introduce the world to the idea of male plus size modelling, a movement that has been gathering steam for women in the industry.

He said: “I think that having that moment at LA Fashion Week was critical, especially for the body positive movement right now because there is so much love and so much support for the women, I think that it’s time for men who are plus size to feel that love too.”

Continually breaking barriers, Dexter’s positive attitude to life has been his biggest motivator to chase after his dreams.

"I think that if you love who you are at that point in your life you are good. 

"And you should celebrate that and be proud of that."