By Kate Moore @kitmoore

TaLisha Grzyb, 28, from Delaware was born with congenital muscular dystrophy, but she has never let her condition slow her down

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Videographer / director: Marcus Cooper

Producer: Kate Moore, Ruby Coote

Editor: Alex Lubetkin

She's a college graduate, mother to three kids and was crowned 2020’s Miss Wheelchair Delaware.

But TaLisha didn’t have an easy start to life.  

TaLisha told Truly: “At first, I was not expected to live past three days, then three months.”

“My muscles are weak, I have no muscle tone”, she continued.

“It’s caused me to be wheelchair-bound, basically since birth.”

TaLisha wants to be known as a ‘disability influencer’ and has her own YouTube channel called ‘Rolling Through Life With TaLisha’.

“The reason I decided to start my YouTube channel was to highlight the abilities that people with disabilities have."

“Even though we are disabled, we live normal lives.”

TaLisha fell in love with husband Quentin in her junior year of college.

“The reason I was attracted to her was due to her positive energy and her courage”, he said.

However, the couple have faced judgement.

“We have experienced prejudice about our relationship, mainly because I am not able to walk and he can", TaLisha said.

TaLisha also wanted to share her experience of parenting in a wheelchair to others, so she wrote a children’s book.

“What inspired me to write a book about being a disabled parent is simply my children.”

“One day they are going to ask me, ‘Mommy, why are you in a wheelchair?’”

“That is an inevitable question.”

“I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I thought what better way to explain it than putting it in a book.”

Taking part in an inclusive pageant competition gave TaLisha the chance to share her story with her community.

“It was a great opportunity to showcase what it means to be a woman on wheels – powerful.”

She hopes that it will “promote inclusivity in the disability community”.

“It’s basically a pageant for wheelchair-bound women to take over the world”, she joked.

Quentin is proud of his wife’s advocacy and achievements.

He said: “Her book and her YouTube channel are inspiring; they make others see things in a different light.”

“Honestly, even though she's in a wheelchair, she never acts like she’s in a wheelchair.”

“She always proved others wrong when they doubted her. She’s amazing.”

Going forward, TaLisha wants to continue to share the positivity that she has carried through life.

“I would like to inspire others, just by me living my life.”

“Everything is possible.”

“There's nothing impossible, even though it might be done differently.”