By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

A DISABLED TEEN has triumphed over adversity by creating artwork with his mouth.

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Ahmad Prayoga confessed he wasn't a good painter when he had hands

When Ahmad Prayoga was 19 years old, he lost both his hands and feet in a terrible electrical accident.

The teen now creates artwork using just his mouth and a paintbrush

However he has not let losing his limbs stop his artistic flair.

Ahmad has been developing his skills for 2 years

Using his mouth to hold a paint brush, Ahmad creates pictures by moving his head to create brush strokes.

Due to the extent of his injuries, his hands and feet had to be amputated

Ahmad was working as a street vendor in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra in May 2015 when he touched an electric current with wet hands and no shoes, and was immediately shocked.

The teen is determined to not let his disability get in the way

Unfortunately the severity of the burns meant Ahmad had to have his hands and feet amputated.

Over time, Ahmad has got used to his disability

Despite the traumatising experience, he has regained his lust for life with help from friends, family and teachers.

Jenny Ong from Smiling Kids Foundation encouraged the teen to start painting

Ahmad met with Jenny Ong from Smiling Kids Foundation who encouraged him to develop his talents in painting.

Ahmad was photographed by Lana Priatna

Photographer Lana Priatna photographed Ahmad practicing his new-found skill on March 8th 2017.

He said: “Ahmad confessed that when he had hands he could not paint. In fact, now he has these limitations, the paintings are more visible.”