By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A HEROIC dog lover came to the rescue when his family pet was DROWNING in a FREEZING LAKE

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Videographer / Director: Jonas Lundh
Producer: Tom Gillespie
Editor: Joshua Douglas

The student's heart sank when his GPS tracking system showed Rocky was heading for the ice cold water

Jonas Lundh was out moose hunting in Költräsk lake, Sweden, when his father's dog Rocky found itself in deep water.

The four-year-old mongrel helps Jonas to track down the enormous animals and had given chase to one of them across a frozen lake. 

Although the moose made it to the other side, Rocky wasn't as fortunate and began to struggle in the icy-cold water.

In a state of panic the 26-year-old frantically swam through the water to rescue his floundering pet

Jonas, from Boden in Sweden, has his dog tagged so that he can keep track of its movements whilst on a hunt. 

The 26-year-old feared the worst when he saw the canine entering the water on his GPS.

After sprinting through the forest in panic, he arrived at the edge of the lake and saw Rocky floundering among sheets of ice.

The GoPro shows how the water limited the hunter's view as he swam to rescue his beloved dog

Jonas said: "I heard Rocky make a strange bark, and I looked again at my GPS, and saw they were heading out into the water.

"That's when I knew I had to act really quickly.

"So I ran closer to the water, looked around me, and I saw the moose and dog out in the water.

"The moose was moving and after a while it was up on the island there, the dog was stuck in the ice, that was when I panicked.

Rocky was found struggling after swimming into thick ice

"The only thing I had right there in  my mind was that I couldn't watch him drown. 

"It was so extremely cold that I could barely breathe, and my heart raced very fast. So I tried to focus on my breathing and head out to Rocky as soon as possible."

A relieved Jonas grabs Rocky by his jacket and prepares to carry him back to dry land

Brave Jonas filmed the incredible rescue with a GoPro camera, which shows him swimming through the freezing waters in a state of panic.

After scooping his beloved pet up in his arms, he was able to carry him to an island in the middle of the lake.

Jonas was able to break through the thick ice that had stopped Rocky making it to the other side

Jonas continued: "The swim out to Rocky felt very long, but I just tried to stay focussed on breathing during the way. 

"When I got to him and grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up it was an amazing feeling when I knew he was going to survive. 

Jonas and Rocky pose for a photo a few days after the dramatic rescue

"Then we walked up to the little island and I smashed my way though the ice so both me and the dog could make it up there.

"And then we started screaming for help, because I knew my father was not far away. 

"But it took a while, so maybe 30 minutes on the island (in the) ice cold wasn't that funny, but we made it."

One man and his dog: Jonas pictured relaxing in the forest with Rocky
Happy days: The dog photographed a month before his ordeal

After screaming out for help, Jonas waded back though the water and back to the main land.

Despite his traumatic ordeal, Rocky, a cross between a Norwegian Elkhound and West Siberian Laika, swam back by his side.

Jonas made the incredible rescue on October 24, and says he will be hunting with Rocky again in future.