By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

DOLPHINS break through the waves as awestruck surfers look on

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Fin-credible: A surfer has a surprise visitor

The people-friendly animals were spotted near the shore during South Africa’s sardine run.

The dolphins can be spotted just below the surface of the water

Photographer Robbie Irlam captured the images at Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape.

Shore thing: The dolphins come close to the shoreline for the sardine run

He said: “Whilst shooting surfers down at the beach, I happened to notice a school of dolphins charging through the surf.

On the run: Dolphins spotted during the yearly feeding frenzy

“They swam right between the guys in the water.

Surfs Up: A surfer is joined by some friendly dolphins

“It is the time of the year that is known as the sardine run.

Flipping Out: Dolphins break through the surface of a wave

“They were most likely looking for food.”

The 62-year-old amateur photographer, who lives in Jeffreys Bay, took the photos on June 27.

Sea Life: A surfer looks on as the dolphins arrive

The retired cabinet-maker said: “I was pretty excited to be able to photograph these creatures as they move at speed and are not easy to photograph.

“The guys in the surf were as excited as I was.”

The sardine run happens between May and July each year, when billions of the animals are born in the Agulhas Bank on the southern African continental shelf.

They small fish offer a great feed for predators when they drift across the east coast of South Africa.