By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

A 23-YEAR-OLD man calls himself a ‘chaotic colourful monster’ and gets his outfit inspirations from films such as Monster’s Inc

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Videographer / director: Adam Gray
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

Daniel Perera from New Jersey, USA, indulges his aesthetic in pinks, bows and glitter – plus fangs, black contact lenses and fake blood.

He told Barcroft TV: "My style is very chaotic, very monstrous and very colourful.

“I love colours, I love patterns, I love monsters and I love so much of like the horror aesthetic. Eventually, I knew they were all going to combine into one.

“I started experimenting my look about three or four years ago. I did pastels and then one day I was really interested in primary colours. 

Slowly that moved into neon and then I always had an interest for monsters, so I was like can I be one. I want to experiment and be one so I started wearing horns and I started putting on fake teeth. I was doing special effects and eventually it worked.

“It’s exactly what I wanted.”

The dentist assistants’ look is inspired by Japanese fashion as well as films such as The Exorcist and Monsters Inc.

He said when talking about his look: "It’s like gore but cute."

Growing up, Daniel was bullied at school, however this has just given him thicker skin to embrace who he is now.

He said: "In elementary and middle school, unfortunately I was bullied. They called me faggot. They called me lazy. They called me slow and it, it hurt. It really did hurt.

“But eventually in high school, that kind of stopped and it went from bullying to playful play arguing and once I learned about play arguing, it was a little easier to cope with someone actually trying to insult me.

“Then eventually it turned it to like I don’t really care about what you say. Like, screw you.”

Daniel receives a lot of support from his friends, especially his friend Edith who inspired him to begin dressing the way he does.

She said: "I have known him for eight or nine years.

“We will go out shopping together pastel coloured stuff and then we would both wear it together and go out to places, events and just be cute and decorated together. It’s nice when you have somebody else to go with you.

“Because then it’s like a strength as opposed to being alone when you feel the judging looks from other people. But if you are with someone else then you have the confidence within the other person.”

However not everyone appreciates his unique look - particularly his mother Simone.

When Daniel sees his mother, he tones down his colourful look to something more modest.

He said: "My family, at first day, did not like it. It was sad at one point because my mother was like so scared for my safety.

“When I see my mother, my outfits are not this extreme. She knows what I am doing but it’s more like I want to respect her decision of not really seeing that because I know how much it makes her nervous, if I step outside."   

Simone, said: "Why do I worry? About people. If they are going to hurt him. Are they going to kill him?

“He knows how far he can go. But we understand how far we can go too. This is his life. it’s not my life.”

The 23-year-old’s looks can take anywhere from an hour to three hours, and involve layers of makeup, accessories and wigs.

Daniel doesn’t feel comfortable walking around his local town in his choice of clothing, but prefers to spend his free time in New York.

He said: "I have had bad experiences on the main street. And I made myself clear that I would never go back there if I am fully dressed up. 

“But I will more than happily go to New York fully dressed up on my own but even more so with a friend.

“When it comes to New York I feel like I can really openly express myself.”

Daniel praises the way he dresses, and believes that it has helped him become more comfortable in his own skin.

He said: "It is just really crazy to know that if I were to tell myself 16 year old self, ‘hey you are going to dress really colourfully and you are going make a lot of friends with it, and you are going to be really happy,’ I would have laughed at myself.

“And I would be thinking that I am a liar and I don’t need to call myself a liar anymore because I can look at my Instagram and look back at my photos, I can look at my Facebook and I can say, ‘no you did it, you did those things and congratulations.’

“You actually did it, you wore what you wanted.”