By Shannon Lane @shannonroselane

A YOUNG PERSON from London dresses like a genderless monster, and says they ‘don’t mind people being scared’ of them

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Videographer / director: Marcus Hessenberg
Producer: Shannon Lane, James Thorne
Editor: Beth Angus

Jazmin Bean, who doesn’t wish for their age to be revealed, has been into alternative fashion since becoming a teenager.

They told BTV: "I don’t mind people being scared of me; I actually enjoy it in public.”

“I started just with drag make up on Instagram, I was doing face looks and then it just kept on evolving into more originally my style.

“Obviously when I started out I was playing with different things and different sub cultures and styles and looks and managed to just keep on evolving into my own thing which now I do.”

Jazmin’s look revolves around extreme contact lenses, eerie doll-like make up and sinister props.

They said: "Well my inspiration is kind of three parts; I think I try to bring in a bit of fantasy, like fairies and colour, or mythological creatures. And then obviously there is Japanese fashion culture - I have like a lot of Japanese toys.”

Jazmin’s look takes around three hours to complete, and their outfits contain a variety of props, ears and accessories - sometimes including weapons.

They said: "I just think it's really funny for someone so small, like really cute looking, but you know I mean to have all these weapons.

"I don't even fight, like never been a physical fight. I've never thrown a punch in my life.

“I just like the aesthetic in general, to have something like a little creature that's like a superhero or an evil villain.”

Jazmin, who is agender and prefers the pronoun ‘ they’, also wears a binder to give the appearance of a flat chest.

However they hope to have more permanent measures put in place in the future.

They said: "Right now, I’m wearing a binder just to give off a more alien genderless look. I'd like to wear it on more days, but it does get quite damaging few ribs. And it's not very safe. But one day, hopefully I'll have surgery just to [have] completely nothing.

“It would be ideal to get a full nullification, but not many people have that, and it is very dangerous right now there are not a lot of options, so I probably wouldn’t get that.

“But I will probably get my chest just completely gone, so it is just flat and there is nothing there. That’s ideal but obviously surgery is very expensive and also not very risky in this day and age but is just like a big leap.”

Jazmin is currently working on making their own makeup brand for those also in the alternative community.

They said: "I don’t have a regular job right now but hopefully my makeup company and just being me will pull through opportunities."

Jazmin dresses as their mythological persona most of the time, but sometimes they have to tone down their look due to harassment.

They said: "I have days off because obviously I’m not trying to get like harassed every day. I kind of don’t remember the last time I didn’t feel like people were extremely aware that I was like this existing.”

Fortunately Jazmin has a supportive family who love their look.

They said: “I don’t think anybody has really any negative opinions which is good, I know some people’s families don’t take it well at all. So, I am lucky to have everybody just kind of enjoy and be proud of what I am doing more than any other reaction, which is good my close family they are all really supportive.”

Jazmin also has friends in the alternative community who support their unique look.

They said: "We all have distinct looks and are very set apart from each other, but work together and are really supportive of each other and I think my friends really help me out and inspire me."

Jazmin has struggled with anxiety their entire life, and believes that dressing this way has helped them gain more confidence.

They said: “Definitely it has helped with my anxiety a lot, I remember before I started doing this even taking a picture, getting someone to take a picture of me in public would be like ‘oh my god don’t let anyone see they are taking a picture of me’, but now I think being so outrageous in this element just helps me to not be afraid to be that in every other element.”

The Londoner’s look also inspires people all round the world via their social media posts.

They said: "People are really, especially online, very supportive. I get messages like ‘wow I love your look I would love to do that, but I could never do that’ or ‘I could never pull that off’ and it is like well you could but with your own thing.

“My advice to anyone that wants to start dressing like this or sees people and it is like ‘oh I wish I could do that’, find your own thing before anything because obviously we don’t like copiers. Find your own thing before anything and just like evolve of that.”