By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

A DARING photographer is braving the wild surf to capture amazing wave shots in South Africa

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Marck chooses the beach depending on the swell and wind directions along with the current tide

Avid surfer, Marck Botha has captured the incredible power of waves rising and crashing in the India Ocean, showing colourful formations from above and below the surface.

Shot in February 2017, Marck was enjoying a trip photographing Cape Town when a massive cyclone swell hit Durban and he jumped in to enjoy the huge waves.

The combination of the surf's beauty, being immersed in nature and the raw power of the ocean keep bringing Botha back

He said: “I love that every wave is unique. I also love the experience and capturing something that is truly beautiful.

“The moment of being alone in the ocean, soaking up all of nature’s beauty, it’s amazing how photographing as opposed to surfing really slows down the moment and you are able to absorb so much more information.”

Marck encounters a few difficulties such as staying in position during big waves and strong currents

Marck's shots capture waves rising high with buildings dotted along the shoreline, while others capture unique perspectives of the surging forces of nature from underneath the water.

For Botha, the most challenging part of capturing the images was ensuring that he stayed in the perfect position whilst the massive waves crashed down.

Marck credits his physical fitness and swimming abilities gained from playing water polo to helping him stay in position

He added: “Especially in bigger cyclone surfs, there is normally a lot of water moving and strong rips.

“It can be difficult swimming against the water, diving under the wave and then lining the shot up perfectly.”

Due to the precision of Marck’s photography, some of the waves look as though they were sculpted by glass

And Marck credits his physical fitness and swimming abilities gained from playing water polo to helping him stay in position while photographing the strong waves.

Marck's experience in the water, ever since he represented Natal at the South African Body boarding Championships as a 12-year-old, is also a great advantage in helping him catch the perfect moments in often dangerous conditions.

Botha advises that the best time to take photos is early in the morning when the lighting and colours are best

He said: “I always had the knowledge that a surfer is exposed to unimaginable natural beauty, so I am very happy to share that beauty with friends, and now with people all around the world.”

The 30-year-old captures the colours and formations of the waves as they rise and fall from above and below the surface

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