By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

AS THE only man in the world to lift four times his own bodyweight, tiny Anton Kraft is pound-for-pound the STRONGEST man in the world

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Anton Kraft poses for a photograph while taking a rest at his local gym.

The 4ft 4in tall dwarf has benched an incredible 36 stone - earning him comparisons to the Marvel character Ant-Man, who is about to be immortalised by Hollywood.

He also punches above his weight with the ladies, only dating women who are more than a foot taller than he is.

And for the past six months he has been overachieving again - by dating 6ft 3in China Bell.

Anton, 52, has been powerlifting for 10 years and says he has highest bench press record of all time for his weight class. 

But it seems he may have pushed his body too far. 

Feel the burn: Anton works out at his local gym

In his pursuit of ultimate power he says he has 'technically died' five times before being resuscitated - ranging from drowning to falling out of a window.

Doctors also fear he may have a heart attack if he keeps up his all-action lifestyle - but Anton isn't budging.

He said: “Some people say that what I do is weakness, or micro-man syndrome - that I want to do something that I am not built for, to prove something. 

The 4ft 4in tall dwarf has benched an incredible 36 stone

“But I believe there’s only one winner - second is first loser. Second doesn’t count.

“Overall, I am one of the five strongest guys in the world, regardless of height and weight.

“And I am the only guy in the world who has ever benched four-times his body weight."

Against the odds: Dwarf Anton and transgender China have found love despite critics
Despite their difference in size the pair are smitten

Anton's biggest fan is his girlfriend, China, 43, from Florida, USA, who was born male but has now transitioned to female.  

China said: “I think Anton’s weightlifting is so sexy because I think he’s sexy - when you hold a world heavyweight title, that means a lot. 

“I’ve never dated a 4ft 4in guy and I was just so curious. I’m glad I gave him a chance because he’s an amazing person. 

“I’m different and he’s different, and where we’re from, different is good.” 

Punching above his weight: Anton relaxes at home with his 6ft 3in girlfriend, China Bell
Number one fan: China supports Anton in his bodybuilding

Anton, from Denmark, said: “We used to walk against the current, but the current has changed. 

“Florida is one the states that have same-sex marriage - and both of us are basically the same sex. 

“I enjoy dating a transgender woman because she was born a male and is doing the utmost to become as feminine as possible. 

“I find that most women born as women do not spend as much time on their appearance."

Anton and his gym buddies seen flexing their pecs
Anton makes light work during a kettle bell session

And when it comes to the future - Anton’s ambitions are as big as his weightlifting abilities. 

He said: “I want to break another world record, but it’s up to my physique to decide that. 

“I may also go down on one knee and ask for China’s hand - because I think her name would look so good with my last name. 

“Right now I feel like I’m the luckiest man on the planet - we are all happy and good and I have never felt better than I do now - and that would be thanks to China.” 

Anton plans to pop the question to China
Fortunate: Anton says he is the 'luckiest man on the planet' after meeting China