By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A HUNGRY Golden Eagle feeds on a dead fox in the snow-covered mountains of Flatanger in Norway

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Time for breakfast: The hungry eagle was spotted in the early hours in the morning

The bird swooped down to feast on the vulpine in freezing temperatures during the early hours of the morning, under the watchful eyes of Giedrius Stakauskas and Dalia Kvedaraite.

Served cold: The photographers laid the trap for the eagle

The Lithuanian wildlife photographers, who live together in London, created a hide in the mountains so they could observe the region's wild eagles.

Graphic:: The hungry eagle pulls at the skin of the small vulpine

Giedrius, 39, said: "We had to remain as still as possible even within the hide, as these birds are very sensitive to disturbance, and any movements or noise detected would ruin any further chances of sightings for that day.

Keeping a watchful eye: The pair had be silent inside the hide

“The outside temperature was around -10C, but inside it was fairly warm." 

The eagle was a shy bird but attacked the dead meat as if no one was watching

The photographers placed the dead fox as a bite to attract an eagle, before waiting it out in sleeping bags for one to arrive.

Gruesome: The winged creature appears to have the fox's flesh in its beak

Giedrius continued: “It is a cautious and quite a shy bird, so we patiently waited until it felt relaxed before pressing the shutter. 

Golden eagles are famed hunters and have even acquired mythic status in some cultures

“The weather was very changeable from sunshine to heavy snow and blizzard.

The harsh Norwegian landscape subjected the eagle to blizzards and heavy snow

“It was a really amazing privilege to see and photograph wild Golden Eagles and we will never forget this experience.”

Under his wing: The eagle appears to stretch its feathers over the dead fox

Giedrius and Dalia, 36, snapped the photos together in March 2013.

Don't make a sound: The photographers had to stay still while the eagle feasted