By Tom Mendelsohn @tom_mendelsohn

A TERRIFIED film crew had a lucky escape after being charged at by an angry female elephant

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Videographer / Director: Black Bean Productions
Producer: Mark Hodge, Tom Mendelsohn
Editor: Joshua Douglas

An angry elephant charges a vehicle which contains a frightened film crew

The team of wildlife photographers were shooting in the mountainous Limpopo Province of north east South Africa when the enraged young adult turned on them, ramming into the jeep and attempting to flip it with her tusks.

The driver desperately puts the car into reverse as the animal approaches at speed

The crew caught the hair-raising attack on camera as their driver desperately reversed in an attempt to escape, before smashing into a log on the road.

Primal fear: The female elephant continues its charge towards the vehicle

Luckily none of the team were injured, although much of their camera equipment was destroyed in the alarming ruckus on October 27. 

Last stand: The elephant most likely felt threatened as the car drew closer

The crew, a group of photographers working for Black Bean Productions, were then able to intimidate the elephant by standing up in the jeep, causing the startled animal to back off.

Turn of speed: The driver was unable to out manoeuvre the angry elephant

James Suter, 29, who was directing the shoot, said: “We came across what seemed like quite a distressed breeding herd of elephants. So we decided to try and keep our distance from them, some 20 or 30 yards away.

The car is thrown off course by a log enabling the beast to move closer

“Unfortunately one of the female elephants decided that she wasn’t happy with where we were and came at quite a speed charging towards the vehicle. Our guide quickly put the vehicle into reverse. She stopped, and then she continued to charge.

Brute strength: The elephant tries to lift the 1.5 ton car with its tusks

"The second she came for us we kind of knew she wasn’t going to stop.

“Eventually we came to a standstill where a lot of us stood up and tried to intimidate the elephant.

The animal continues to terrorise the film crew

“Fortunately we managed to intimidate her, and she decided she was going to back off and we managed to exit the area unscathed.

“When working in the African Bush, you can never predict animals’ behaviour.”

The female juvenile backs away after smashing into the car

Another member of the crew added: “It was very scary, the ranger had incredible driving skills to reverse so quickly.”

The elephant walks back to her herd while the relieved crew look on

Elephants are usually genial animals and James believes that the herd were already distressed when the crew arrived.

It is thought that the elephant became alarmed at the lack of escape route in the hilly terrain.

Members of Black Bean Productions pose for the camera