By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A RAMPAGING circus elephant smashes a car and terrifies holidaymakers after appearing to be beaten by a handler

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Videographer / Director: Oddmar Nygard
Producer: Mark Hodge, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Need A Lift? An angry circus elephant charges a family car after being struck with a crowbar

Filmed in Danish beach town Karrebaeksminde, this shocking footage was captured by tourist Oddmar Nygard, 48, on July 11.

Brute Strength: The wild animal lifts up the car with its tusks

The video begins when three elephants become agitated after being bathed in the sea in front of a large crowd.

Fancy a swim: The animals enjoy a dip before the rampage

As the circus workers start to lose control, the huge beasts veer dangerously close to onlookers, including babies in prams and an elderly man in a mobility scooter – who had to be lifted off the road to safety.

Circus Calamity: The wild beasts became agitated when a large crowd gathered to watch them bathe

One of the colossal animals looks increasingly distressed and flies into a rage after it is apparently struck with a metal crowbar by one of the keepers.

Too Close For Comfort: The angry elephants are surrounded by people including children in prams

In an incredible display of brute strength, the angry elephant lifts up a Skoda Fabia, weighing around one and a half tons, with its tusks.

The creature then pushes the crumpled vehicle up an embankment with little effort - as the handler flees. 

Life in the fast lane: The elephants are led along a busy road

The wild animals belong to a travelling circus which visits the town every year.

The bathing of the elephants in the sea is an annual tradition, which is popular with the locals.

Crowd Trouble: The elephants are paraded in front of a cheering crowd

Norwegian car salesman Oddmar was holidaying with his family when he witnessed the dramatic event on Saturday.

He said: “There were many cars and a lot of people in the street - the elephants probably got a bit stressed by this.

“The elephant clearly got irritated after being hit and started to push and lift the vehicle.

One of the distressed animals is led towards a car park by its handler

“The car owner tried to reach the car, but the circus staff stopped him - the windows got crushed and there was a lot of damage to the front.

“I was there with my son, but I wasn’t scared when the situation escalated.

Car Wreck: The Skoda Fabia which bore the brunt of the elephant's rampage

“When the elephant smashed the car I was totally calm, but my 12-year-old boy was hiding behind me.

“You could clearly see that people were scared, even the circus staff.

Tourist Oddmar Nygard takes a selfie in front of the elephants

“The elephants had been taking a bath and were walking back to the circus area.

“I followed the elephants all the way from the beach. We went to the travelling circus at night and they seemed ok then.”