By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

A YOUNG male elephant rejoices as he takes a swim during a brief respite from the droughts in South Africa

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Glorious mud: A young male elephant can't contain his excitement as he runs down a hill and into a watering pan

The African nation is currently in the grips of a drought after the country experienced the lowest rainfall since records began.

Many areas of the country have been without rain for months - with running water becoming a scarce commodity.

Diving in: With there being little to no water, the elephant is finally able to cool down

The drought has also hit South Africa’s wildlife hard, which explains why this young male elephant looked so happy when he found a watering hole to cool off in.

Shot by wildlife guide Stacey Farrell, the images were taken on January 27 at iMfolozi Game Reserve in South Africa - the oldest proclaimed wildlife reserve in Africa, which played a major role in saving the white rhino from extinction in the 1960s.

Stacey, 30, said: “Over the last couple of days the wildlife reserve got a little rain and one mud pan filled with water.

Animals are coming from far to quench their thirst and enjoy the water in iMfolozi Game Reserve

"It was such an amazing feeling watching this giant elephant roll in the mud. It was the first time in months that any of the animals were able to do this.

"The joy and excitement on his face is priceless.

Fun in the sun: The young animal has a look of glee on his face as he enjoys the watering pan for the first time in months

“Seeing this elephant enjoying the water was a very emotional experience as many human communities have been without water running from a tap in months and when the water does arrive we are just as overwhelmed with happiness as this elephant.

“It doesn’t matter if you are human or animal we are all feeling the drought in a terrible way.

Heartwarming: Nature Guide, Stacey, said that this was all very emotional watching the elephant enjoy the muddy water

"This gave me a sense of peace knowing this elephant can finally cool down have a drink and relax, until the rains come again.”

In December 2015 six out of the nine provinces of South Africa were declared disaster areas due to one of the most devastating droughts in recent years.

Devastating: In December 2015 it was announced that six out of the nine provinces in South Africa where disaster areas

Stacey said: “We have had little to no rain in almost two years and when the rain comes it is quickly sucked in by the parched earth before the animals get a chance to enjoy it.

“Emotions are running high with animals both wild and domestic dying daily in some areas. A couple of days ago we had a little storm in the one area close to the wild life reserve.

"Not enough to make the rivers flow but it did manage to fill up two watering holes. Animals are coming from far to quench their thirst and enjoy the water."

Get your swimming trunks: The young elephant has a whale of a time in the watering pan

The adorable images show the young elephant with a look of glee on his face as he enjoys the watering pan for the first time in months - kicking and splashing and then laying himself down in the water.

Stacey added: “Who knows how long it’s been since this elephant had a nice mud bath or any water for that matter.

"The joy was apparent on his face as he splashed himself again and again.”