By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

THIS is the thirsty elephant in the room everyone is talking about

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Videographer / Director: Carina Blofield
Producer: Dan Howlett, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Pack your trunk: The elephants have been giving guests a fright in the night
Taste for the toilet: The elephants at the camp are not fans of their salty watering hole

The crafty mammal was caught sneaking water from toilets and showers using its long trunk at a campsite in Botswana.

The unfenced Elephant Sands Lodge provides a water hole for the huge animals but the water is salty meaning they often prefer the taste of toilet water.

Pack a flashlight: Guests who need the bathroom during the night are advised to check for elephants

Amazingly they are not put off by people showering or using the toilet and regularly dip their trunk over the wall while people are scrubbing up or wiping down.

Carina Blofield managed to capture the amazing pictures, she said: “The slogan at the campsite is ‘where elephants rule’ and that is definitely the case.

“They offer a water hole but it can be a little salty meaning guests often have a surprise visitor while they are showering or using the toilet.

Right of way: The animals are given free rein at the camp

“Some of the elephants use the water hole but the smaller less dominant animals will often have to wait their turn so they simply made a different plan.

“As you can imagine they really don’t care if the bathrooms are occupied or not so it can give people quite a fright when a huge trunk taps them on the shoulder - but it’s a great experience.

“It’s one of the best experiences you can ask for in the wild and as close to nature as you’re ever likely to get.

Cooling off: They also like to drink from the shower while people are using it
Incredible moment: The footage was caught by tour guide Carina Blofield

“Sharing a shower with a thirsty elephant guzzling up all the water is pretty incredible.”

The elephants roam freely at the camp and are given right of way over all guests meaning people have to wait for them to pass before they can make it to the restaurant, bathroom or bar.

“They’re in charge here,” added Carina.

“From the safety of your tent you can sometimes hear them rumbling outside or even trumpeting – it’s sometimes quite eerie to hear their thumping footsteps just outside but also really cool.

Taking pictures: She also works as a nature and wildlife photographer

“Sometimes they get really inquisitive and want to smell what you’re cooking or inspect your vehicles.

“They don’t cause any damage if you respect them.”

But despite their calm and inquisitive nature Carina does have a warning for those who choose to stay at the camp.

She added: “If nature is calling in the middle of the night you should make sure you take a flashlight and shine it all around.

“Otherwise you may be sharing your bathroom with an elephant.”