By Chloe Sweet @_chloesweet

AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy with a sassy alter-ego is proving that you can slay as a drag queen at any age

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Videographer / director: PRM
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

Jason Kerr, otherwise known as Suzan Bee Anthony, is already making a name for himself as a successful drag queen in Missouri - and he’s only 11-years-old. 

Jason has been dressing up since the age of three, and has all of the traits you’d expect to see in a fully-fledged drag queen.

Jason told Barcroft TV: “When I am a full drag I feel confident, strong and independent.

“I don’t feel that different but I am kind of, sassy in drag.”

His two sisters, who also live with him in Springfield, Missouri, love to make the most of Jason’s fabulous female persona. So much so, that  they would often get involved in the makeovers.

Despite being supported by a loving family, growing up in a conservative “bible belt” state meant that Jason was vulnerable to abuse for his love of drag. 

Vicki, Jason’s mother, admitted that they have received “some looks” when Suzan is out in public.  

Jason’s father, Greg, added: “We do worry about Jason, just because we know that there are so many people around here that are close minded and judgmental.”

Last year, Jason also came out as gay. Although this wasn’t a surprise to his parents, the news still made them feel concerned about how he would be treated by others in his hometown.

Greg said: “I am just afraid of his safety and also his feelings.

“There is a lot of people here that don’t agree with people being gay.”
Suzan made her first stage debut in 2015 and since then, has performed at Gay Pride countless times; she even won the title of ‘Little Miss Gay Springfield’ earlier this year. 

Jason said: “When I go to Pride Fest, it is fun.

I get to be around a bunch of people that are just like me and it is fun, it is cool and it is very accepting.”

And one of the best perks of being a successful drag queen? The cash, explains Jason.

He said: “What I love most about Drag is performing because after I am done with performing, after I count all my tips, I get to buy stuff for mommy and daddy.”

Proud of their son’s bravery and desire to be himself, parents Vicky and Greg say their son’s confidence grows when he becomes his alter ego.

Vicki told Barcroft TV: “Jason is always kind of shy but whenever he becomes Suzan B, it’s like some more armour comes on for him. It’s like becoming a whole another person."

Greg added: “When I see him perform it just makes me really happy.

“It’s nice to see him do something that he loves and it always brings out a different side of him.”

Although Suzan isn’t accepted by everybody, Jason still encourages other kids to follow their dreams and express themselves, no matter what others think.

He said: “Any advice I would want to give to kids to try drag is to be yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down.”