By Danny Baggott @dan_baggie

AN ENVIRONMENTAL campaigner was arrested for photographing the devastating effects of climate change

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Ashley Cooper went to extreme lengths to record the climate changes around the world

Ashley Cooper is collating a picture book of his work, which details the specific climate change occurrences from Alaska - where he started his journey - to Bolivia.

The 54 year old originally decided to pursue the expedition 14 years ago when he witnessed the effects of global warming on 600 residents in Alaska who lost their homes to the altering sea conditions.

The police opposed Ashley throughout his journey and arrested him in China

Ashley said: “At a time when most folk hadn’t even heard of climate change I was blown away by the impacts it was already having in the high Arctic, and decided to make it my life’s work to highlight the issues.

Ashley encountered a number of protestors on his journey

“I want to show that via renewable energy there is an alternative way.

“We need to move rapidly to a low carbon economy, world governments need to invest rapidly in renewables.”

People are often shocked and outraged at Ashley's images

According to Ashley, the Arctic and Antarctic are the most threatened locations around the world due to a rise in temperature that has increased by up to three times more than the equator.

A number of locations around the world are severely damaged by climate change

He said: “This has caused disastrous permafrost melt, glacial retreat and dire impacts on indigenous communities.”

Ashley faced opposition from the police in his search for the truth regarding climate change who were trying to protect the status of reputable businesses.

Ashley believes we need to act rapidly and change to a low carbon economy

The Chinese army arrested him when he was photographing coal-fired power stations next to the army barracks.

Ashley said: “They rushed out and bundled me inside. They eventually agreed to release me if I deleted all the images on my camera.

Forests are rapidly being destroyed through the changing climate

"I immediately went back to my hotel and put my CF card through a recovery package and got all my pictures back.

“I was also constantly followed by oil company security guards, the only time I could escape them was when I took to the air to shoot aerial shots. It was all very scary.”

Ashley has travelled for 13 years in his adventure to explore the consequences of climate change

People have had various reactions to Ashley’s powerful and emotive images in the book, ranging from shock and disbelief to complete outrage. Ashley feels as though it is necessary to include these brutal images.

A significant consequence of climate change is desertification

“It’s an old cliché, but a picture paints a thousand words, imagery is very powerful and can connect in a way that other mediums can’t.

He added: “The people least responsible for climate change are the most impacted by it and are also the least able to cope with the consequences."

Ashley believes the people least responsible for climate change are those who suffer most

This was a common theme that Ashley found on his journey and the desire to help those in need remains an inspiration for the creation of his picture book.

You can view the video discussion of Ashley’s journey here: