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FLICKING through her favourite comic books in the playground she dreamed of one day looking like Poison Ivy or Catwoman

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27-year-old Kelly shrank her waist to just 16 inches
Kelly's idols growing up were Jessica Rabbit and Catwoman

But for Kelly Lee Dekay it was never enough to just dress up, instead she went to extreme measures to achieve their sexy hourglass physique.

Desperate for the Jessica Rabbit swerve, the 27-year-old donned a steel boned, tight lace corset and incredibly shrank her waist to just 16 INCHES in a bid to look like a SUPERHERO.

“I loved characters growing up,” said Kelly. “I always wanted to look like Jessica Rabbit or Catwoman, I would dress up in costumes but I loved their body shapes.

“Growing up I had looked through my comics, and watched cartoons and read fashion books and I just loved the hour-glass figures.

“They had extreme and beautiful bodies, but more importantly they were sexy and powerful and strong women. They were my fantasy.

“At school I even created my own comic book character Pink Dekay I loved how strong and sexy comic characters could be.

“When I started wearing corsets it made me feel like that, I loved the artistry of the corset, I did it because I loved the shape they created. I soon became addicted.

Kelly first started tight-lace corseting aged 20
Kelly studied as a designer at the fashion Institute of technology in New York

“I had never set out to have a little waist but I just became obsessed with corsets loving the permanent change and feel of wearing it all the time.” 

Single Kelly –who lives in New York with her family – first started tight-lace corseting aged 20 shrinking her waist down to 18 inches in just SIX months

Desperate to make her middle more mini, Kelly donned an even smaller corset lacing herself down further, modifying her ribcage and measuring in two years later at 16 inches.

Now she has been wearing a corset for seven years and uses her unusual physique to work as a FETISH model.

“Designers both love and loathe my look, they love my mini waist because it’s a challenge and they equally dislike it because it is a challenge.

“I model a lot of latex looks and love it, I have a real fetish for corsets so it's fun to have the outfits which work with my body and show off the work it has done.”

Kelly's tiny 5ft 2ins frame measures in at 30DD across the bust and 41 inches across the hips – nipping in at the waist
Kelly is a self-confessed corset fetishist

When Kelly began studying as a designer at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York her love for the voluptuous hips and mini middles grew and she began wearing a handmade, personalised corset.

Opting for a ‘top secret’ diet, Kelly did away with foods which made her bloat and gave up all fizzy drinks such as Coca-Cola to achieve her look.

Within the first six months her waist had been molded down to a mini 18-inches.

Maintaining her figure and striving to have her “dream haute couture body”, Kelly persevered shaving a further two inches off her middle.

Now her tiny 5ft 2ins frame measures in at 30DD across the bust and 41 inches across the hips – nipping in at the waist.

Kelly insists tight-lacing is medically safe if you wear the right custom made corset but regularly sees her doctor for check ups on her modified ribcage. 

Pretty Kelly - who will pay up to $450 for a corset -said: “I don’t think women should don corsets just for a small waist, they should wear them because they love corsets.

Jessica Rabbit - Kelly's tiny waist makes her look like a cartoon creation
Kelly poses in one of her waist-shrinking corsets

 “If the only reason you wear one is to get skinny you’ll become frustrated, impatient and just hate it. You have to love corsets.

“It’s a lifestyle choice and it requires a good deal of discipline it isn’t something you do for a month and then achieve a small waist.

“That’s why I call myself a corset fetishist – I love the feeling of being laced in. It is a labour of love for me.

“Tight lacing is safe as long as it is done correctly, I’m very healthy, I just got back from the doctor a month ago and everything checked out okay.

“I have just modified my ribcage.

“In the very beginning it was very funny to laugh, cough and sneeze in my corset because you can feel your ribs bouncing against the corset and I would get little bruises on the top of my ribs.

“My diet is a trade secret. I had to change my diet and you have to give up anything carbonated, so no fizzy drinks, although I do enjoy a glass of champagne every now and again. 

“Outside tight lacing I was always really healthy with my eating habits although I do indulge in the odd burger and macaroons.

27-year-old Kelly shrank her waist to just 16 inches
At school Kelly dreamed of an hour-glass figure

Kelly wears her corsets all day, every day but choses to give her body a break in the evenings when she goes to bed.

An active girl, Kelly feels more comfortable donning her 18inch lace up on a day-by-day basis - reserving her 16inch corset for modelling shoots and special occasions.

When it comes to physical activity she will wear a latex or softer corset in the gym and claims it is incredibly dangerous to workout when laced up.

She added: “I wouldn’t run marathons in a corset.

“I’ve played softball in a corset but for the most part I wouldn’t recommend it for any kind of extreme sports. And I once went hiking in a corset much to the amusement of my friends.

“I have trained myself to sit a certain way and I avoid heavy lifting.

 “When I am in my 16 inch corset I avoid a lot of movement as my 18 inch is more comfortable – things like climbing the stairs can be difficult.”

“I don’t deny my body anything that it wants but I do avoid some carbs or foods which will make me bloat.”

And it wasn’t just a love of X-Men’s Storm or Jessica Rabbit which spurred Kelly to adopted waist training.

Growing up she would see her mother working as a designer and would often look through the hourglass patterns and admire the corsets which were left lying around.

Soon she became fascinated by the laced-brocade garments and developed a FETISH for the look falling in love with the famous Mr Pearl and Dita von Tease.