By Kate Moore @kit_moore

AMBER LUKE, 25, from Brisbane, Australia has 600 tattoos covering her face and body

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Videographer / director: Joshua Maguire

Producer: Kate Moore, Ruby Coote

Editor: Thom Johnson

She first filmed with Truly last year, revealing her blue tattooed eyes which blinded her for three weeks. Since then, she has continued to add to her collection with stretched ear lobes, more tattoos, and plans to get a Brazilian Butt Lift. Her journey into body modification began when she was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at 16-years-old. She explained the reasons behind her extreme look to Truly: “I know it sounds very materialistic that I want to change myself but imagine hating yourself so much that you couldn't even look in a mirror or step outside your house. It was just, it was a horrific way to live.” Amber has now spent $50,000 on tattoos, and $70,000 overall on body modifications. She joked that the high cost makes her mum cry, but Amber doesn’t “plan on stopping anytime soon”. Her next procedure will be a Brazilian Butt Lift, which she has gained 10 kilos for, as the fat will be injected into her butt. She said: "A lot of people will give me scrutiny for this because, you know, 'Why not just go to the gym'?” Amber continued: “I'm lazy, I'd rather pay the 15 grand.” Now she feels much more content and has been with her partner Sam for six months. “He is absolutely amazing," she said. “There’s not anything that I do or say that scares him away."

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