By Dav Rich

MIKE GORMAN once weighed over 500lbs thanks to a food addiction - but the inspired 47-year-old has now lost a staggering 330lbs

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Videographer / director: Colin Bell

Producer: Dav Rich

Editor: James Thorne

Mike, from Rhode Island, has struggled with weight his entire life leading to a roller coaster ride of extreme highs and lows. Mike told Truly: “I was over 200lbs at 10 years old and that was the first time that my family got me on a diet." But as Mike first began to lose some of his weight, it managed to creep back on and he developed a strong food addiction. Mike couldn't control the addiction and he carried on eating whatever he could get his hands on. Mike said: “At one point in my life, I weighed more than a quarter of a ton. I was 540lbs. There was really nothing honestly more important in my life than getting to the next meal. And that’s the way I lived my life for decades." Mike tried everything to lose weight and knew something had to change otherwise his life was at risk. Mike had even written a letter to his family that he kept by his bed because he was convinced he would not wake up. He said: “I was killing myself with a knife and fork, and I realised I had to put them down. So I made changes, and put all the effort into changing the scale." Relationships with his friends and family were becoming increasingly tarnished with Mike making excuses to not attend events because he couldn’t walk the distance needed. But Mike started making better life decisions and realised he could lose the weight without drastic surgery. So, through dieting and exercise, Mike’s weight started to drop, losing 25lbs in his first week and down over 200lbs in two years. Today, Mike has lost over a whopping 330lbs and is currently in the 210-215lb range.