By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

DEDICATED royal ‘superfans’ were out in force today (Wednesday 22) as they waited for the Duchess of Cambridge to give birth

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Videographer / Director: Jack Stevens
Producer: Rebecca Lewis, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Phillips

Terry Hutt, 79, is covered in Union flags outside the Lindo Wing

Armed with Union flags, adoring signs and food supplies to last for days, the royalists were in jubilant spirits despite no sign of the royal sprog.

Staff at the private Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital have erected barriers in anticipation of the world’s media who will descend on the hospital once Kate goes into labour.

Devoted fans sported Union flag shoes, bags and hats

And no one is more excited for the newest addition of the Windsor family than devoted fan Terry Hutt, 79, from Weston-super-Mare.

Dressed in his eye-catching Union flag short, suit jacket and sunglasses, the fanatic is prepared to wait the 12 days he spent camping out for Prince George’s birth.

Maria Scott, 44, is a particular fan of the late Diana, Princess of Wales
Terry has been camping out for two days and plans to wait in rain or shine for the new arrival

Terry met Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother as a young boy of four during the Blitz in World War Two and has been a royalist ever since.

Terry said: “I’ve always been dedicated to the royal family, they play a very important part in my life and everybody else’s life."

Maria spent the night in a two man tent with her 14-year-old daughter

Terry has brought a knitted babygro and matching booties for the new arrivval and a royal-themed moneybox for Prince George.

Joining in the party outside the hospital was John Loughrey, 60, a former chef from Wandsworth, who started making a daily trip to St Mary’s hospital on April 1.

Diana 'superfan' John Loughrey, 60, brandishes a flag outside the Lindo Wing
The dedicated royalist slept on a bench in preparation for the royal birth

He has slept on a bench adorned with flags for two days – the earliest the hospital would allow fans to stay.

The Diana ‘superfan’ claims to be the only member of public to attend every hearing of the inquest into her death.

Now he is hoping the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will honour her memory and name their second child after her - if it’s a girl.

The dedicated royalist has cheers and dances prepared for when the young couple emerge from the Lindo Wing to show off their new arrival to world.

Caryll Foster, 55, drapes a Union flag over her shoulders

He said: “We’ll celebrate for two hours dancing. It will be a street party. No one does it better than the British people who are super and magnificent.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth in just a matter of days and well wishers from around the country are expected to travel to meet the young Prince or Princess.

Schoolgirl Amy Thompson, 14, travelled down from Newcastle with her mum
Terry is a dedicated super fan and has been to a number of royal births

Amy Thompson, 14, and her mum Maria Scott, have journeyed from Newcastle to relive the magic of Prince George’s birth.

Schoolgirl Amy said: “I cried last time because it was so emotional and the build-up was so good, it was just magical. I’ll probably cry again.”

Unlike most girls her age, who are more likely to idolise One Direction’s Harry Styles, Amy has pictures of Prince Harry in her room.

“My friends think I’m mad to come down here,” she said. “They think I’m stupid. But its what I like to do.”

A sign is attached to wall in preparation for the baby's arrival

So far there is no sign of Prince George’s sibling, but the anticipation in the narrow street outside the Lindo Wing is building.

Veteran royalist Terry thinks it won’t be long before the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth – and before he returns to St Mary’s Hospital.

He added: “I’m pretty sure Will and Kate will have another one after that.”