By Tom Midlane @goldenlatrine

Model Jeyza Gary is redefining public perceptions of beauty while making waves in the fashion world with her unique look

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Videographer: Marcus Cooper

Producer: Tom Midlane, Stephanie Stijkel

Editor: Shiona Penrake


Jeyza, 21, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, has a rare genetic skin condition called lamellar ichthyosis which causes her skin to shed every 10 to 12 days, creating a scale-like texture. But Jeyza says she looks at herself as a "victor not a victim" and has been wowing casting agents, winning big commissions with national brands like Target. In this film we see Jeyza in New York during fashion week for a shoot with Glamour UK - the first shoot she has produced herself. We see Jeyza working with a team of creatives to bring her 70s inspired vision to reality.