By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

A FASHION photographer turned urban explorer has swapped modelling shoots for the allure of abandoned buildings

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Haunting beauty: An abandoned Cooling Tower lies untouched in an unknown location in Belgium

Rebecca Lillith Bathory, from London, travels around the world documenting haunting spaces such as derelict hospitals, schools and villas. 

The fine art photographer has been capturing abandoned locations since 2012 and her work has been a big hit on social media, attracting nearly 100,000 dedicated followers across her accounts.

Photographer Rebecca never provides the exact locations of the abandoned buildings, adding to the sense of intrigue.

But despite the beauty of her images, she refuses to disclose the exact locations of her photographs in order to protect the space for other explorers and avoid tipping off security. 

Rebecca fist came up with the idea for her series scouting for locations while working as a fashion photographer, this then led her to finding abandoned locations during scouting for fashion shoots.

The forgotten: The inside of an abandoned nursery sits an old pram and bassinet

She said: “It soon became much more to me and I now focus entirely on photographing abandoned buildings as opposed to people. 

"I find it so much more exciting and I feel very passionate about creating these images and sharing my art.”

Haunting: A pile of leftover gas masks lay untouched in Ukraine

In the past four years, Rebecca has travelled around the UK, USA, Italy, Belgium and Germany - and many others.

However the 33-year-old revealed that the abandoned buildings still make her nervous for a variety of reasons.

She said: “I am nervous that the abandoned place will be impossible to get into as I never break and enter, so if all ways of getting inside have been closed, it is sad as I can’t go inside. 

Risky: Rebecca often risks her life in order to capture the beauty of the inside of abandoned buildings

“I get a bit nervous that I will get caught, but this rarely happens as me and the people I go with are very quiet and we try to go unnoticed. 

"Most of the time I am just excited to be exploring such wonderful places that are hidden from the world. Their beauty takes my breath away - even after four years of doing this."

Once the adventurous photographer manages to enter an abandoned building she captures interesting details within the ruins, shooting a range of wide angle images, to show decay and scale, as well as close-ups of important items left behind - all of which help tell the story of the location's past glories.

True beauty never dies: The inside of a grand villa in Italy still looks immaculate

Rebecca’s latest project, named, “Orphans of Time”, mainly focuses on houses, hospitals and schools around Europe. 

She said: “It is names 'Orphans of Time' because as time moves on these buildings get left behind, they have no families or owners to look after them any more and as time rolls on they are left for nature to claim back."

Captivating: The morning sun shines through the cracks of an abandoned chapel in Poland

Other projects that the professional photographer has worked on include a series which was turned into a book called Soviet Ghosts which focuses on abandoned buildings of the former Soviet Union and its satellite states. 

She is currently working on her second book which will be ready to release in early 2018.

Something to stair at: Light from above shines on a beautiful spiralling stair case left abandoned in an unknown location in the USA

Rebecca added: “This year I am going to be travelling to over 20 countries around the world to photograph more than 100 'dark tourism' sites."

You can check out more of Rebecca’s work either on her website, on her Instagram page at or on Facebook at