By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

THIS abandoned kitten is feline fine after her adorable moustache led to her being adopted in a week

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Videographer /director: Beth Caffrey
Producer: Dan Howlett, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal, Kyle Waters

Whiskers: Sally Ann was found abandoned in a Salvation Army donation bin

Sally Ann was abandoned in a Salvation Army donation bin late last month but came to national attention because of her unusual facial marking.

Quickly homed: She was placed with a family within days of her rescue

The Salvation Army immediately contacted The Cat House on the Kings animal shelter in northern California who made sure she was in tip-top health.

Once the cute kitty was spayed and thoroughly checked over she went to start her new life with Mike and Sue Salvador who first saw her when she appeared on the news.

Ready for my closeup: Staff at the centre believe she will be a huge star because of her moustache

“We saw her on the news and we just knew we had to have her as part of our family,” said Mike.

“It’s been amazing since we got her home she is so friendly with humans – she is such a great cat.”

Hollywood calling: Staff at the centre believe Sally Ann could soon be a big film star or at least the next Internet cat sensation

Beth Caffrey, who is in charge of volunteers and donors at the shelter is confident that Sally Ann has a bright future ahead of her.

Help wanted: The shelter hope that Sally Ann's story will appeal to more people to adopt kittens

“We think she has got movie star potential with her unique look,” she said.

“She had very humble beginnings but I’ve no doubt she will have a bright future.

National fame: She was adopted after Mike and Sue Salvador spotted her story on the national news
Friendly cat: Sally Ann was immediately receptive to humans and has a kind nature

“Even if she doesn’t end up in the movies I can easily see her becoming the next big cat star of the internet – her look is so unique.

Sally Ann, the moustached cat with her new family Mike and Sue Salvador at The Cat House on the Kings rescue home

“It’s sad that she was abandoned in a donation box – she could have easily died, but you’ve got to catch the perpetrators red-handed to punish them and that’s difficult.”

Difficult to prosecute: Unless people are caught red handed dumping kittens they are rarely punished

For the centre the rescue and adoption is coming at just the right time.

Beth added: “It’s the beginning of the flood, especially for cats. Cats and kittens will start having litters, they already are.”

“Sally Ann is going to be a beauty the rest of her life, especially given the right kind of care and that face is remarkable, it’s unforgettable.”