By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A MOTHER bear snubs a hapless suitor whilst digging for clams in Alaska

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Distant admirer: The hopeful male watches the female from afar

The female seemed more interested in having her breakfast, when she was approached by the male in Lake Clark.

Dirty business: The female digs for clams on the mudflat

Ex-civil servant Greg Morgan witnessed the scene on a trip to the northwest US state in June.

The peckish female minds her own business

He said: “At low tide, where we were in Lake Clark the mudflats are exposed, and the bears see the clams as a great food source at this time of year.

“It coincides with mating season.

Looking for love: The male on the mudflats

“We had seen this mother before and she had quite old cubs. While she was digging for clams, a large male had other ideas and started pursuing her.”

Grin and bear it: The rejected male sulks in the distance

Amateur photographer Greg, 44, who lives in Walthamstow in London, visited Alaska to capture images of coastal brown bears.

The male tried his luck but the female wasn't digging it

The enormous state is home to roughly 98 per cent of the country's population of the species.

Inner turmoil: The male bear alone with his thoughts

Greg took the photos in the late morning on June 21, and continued: “In the end the female ran off, and afterwards the male just had a lie-down on the mud.

Shunned: The female leaves the male bear standing

“Another day he might have got more lucky, but not on this day.”

Bears can dig for clams when the tide is out
Claws out: The female has the tools needed for digging