By Nathalie Bonney @NathalieBonney

WITH a 23-year age gap between them, couple Anna Kenyon, age 24, and Andy, 47, have been mistaken for being father and daughter

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The Indiana couple, who have been dating for four years have also had to contend with the stereotypes that come from an older man with a younger woman with Anna being called a gold digger.

Andy told Truly: “When I told my friends and family about Anna, I think everybody’s first concern is, does she want to be with you for the right reasons? 

"Being a business owner, it's not uncommon to attract attention from women in general who are more interested in money than they are in me, and I understand that.

“Most people that spend a few minutes with us realise that we actually have a genuine relationship, it's not what people think or the stereotypical 80-year-old man with a 23-year-old Playboy Bunny, it's not like that at all.”

Anna added: “I've been called a gold digger.

“Honestly, when people think I'm with Andy for his money it just makes me feel genuinely sad that there's that assumption out there.

“I'm not embarrassed of what people think of us at all. Obviously there's an age gap there, but like when I come home, Andy is my other half, he's my person."

The couple first met when Anna was working as a waitress. While pouring Andy’s morning coffee, the pair started talking about the police force. Andy was a retired police officer and at the time Anna had an interest in joining the Indianapolis police department.

Andy said: “She was pursuing a job with the Indianapolis police department and I'm a former police officer, so we kind of struck up conversations regarding that and that's kind of how we bonded till I felt like we had a pretty good connection so I asked her if she wanted to go out.”

While Andy was sure about his feelings, Anna took a little more convincing.

She said: “I was kind of surprised when he asked me out just because there is an obvious age gap. But I went back to the kitchen, I talked to some of my girlfriends and they were like, “Oh, just do it, it'll be fine.” So I did and we hit it off.”

The next hurdle for the couple was to tell their respective families. And for Anna in particular it wasn’t something she wanted to do in a hurry.

Anna said: “I never dated anybody really significantly older than me other than like three or four years. 

“I hesitated with telling my family and my friends just because like I was genuinely scared of their reaction.

“Their main concerns were was he in this for the right reasons? Was he only with me because I was young and pretty? But as soon as they were able to meet Andy and interact with him and get along, they were like: ‘Okay, this guy's in it for the real deal.”

Andy has two adult daughters from when he was married and remains on good terms with his ex-wife. One of his daughters is in fact older than Anna but they have both accepted their father’s younger partner.

He joked: “My girls are currently 23 and 26. So oddly enough, one's just younger than Hannah and one's just older than Anna, they all could have played together as kids.”

After overcoming the hurdle of telling friends and family about their relationship it was in fact Anna’s foray into the world of bodybuilding that caused tension.

Andy said: “When Anna first told me that she was going to enter into competition, she used the word bodybuilding and most of us who are not in the sport, when we hear the word bodybuilding, we think Arnold Schwarzenegger, we think these huge, unbelievably muscular people and that was just the image that stuck in my mind.

“That's not attractive to the vast majority of male public. So that was my concern.

“The bodybuilding definitely put a strain on our relationship to the point where we actually broke up for a little bit.”

The couple ended up going on a three-month break before turning to couples counselling and have finally come to a place of understanding with one another.

Anna said: “As time went on, he was able to understand it more and become more positive and supportive throughout the process.”

Preparing for her next competition, Anna is on a strict diet and gym schedule – she jokes that her six pack lasts six minutes for when she’s on stage and that’s it – with Andy once again supporting her from the side lines.

He said: “As I've spent more time with Anna and her friends and going to the competitions, I've seen that there's really a way for a lot of people to participate in this sport and that it's not all about being Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Anna inspires me to want to be in the best shape that I can be.

“I think our relationship works well because it's genuine; there's no real agenda. We're both doing our own thing, succeeding at our own things in life and just helping each other do that.”