By Danny Baggott @dan_baggie

A MAN who was living with 30 kilograms of tumours hanging from his body has finally been offered surgery – thanks to his first documentary with Truly going viral

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Videographer / director: Jefri Tarigan

Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote

Editor: Thom Johnson

34-year-old Andriadi, was born with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis that caused mass tumours to form on his nerve tissues. For the last two years, Andriadi has found it very difficult to walk and was in pain on a daily basis. Residing in Medan, Indonesia, Truly filmed a documentary with Andriadi in May 2020 and since this film went viral online, the local Accu Plast Hospital has offered him free surgery. Andriadi and his family were unable to fund the necessary treatment before this point… In what was a gruelling four hour surgery, with a high risk of danger attached, a team of doctors led by Dr Eddy Sutrisno were able to remove the largest part of his tumour successfully. Initially, Andriadi had encountered more blood-loss than the doctors had hoped as they manoeuvred their way around the largest veins. But thankfully, the team pulled through and Andriadi is overjoyed with the results. He said: “I feel happy because my tumour is removed. I feel lightweight and I have more confidence. I would like to say thanks to the team at the hospital and all the doctors who helped facilitate my surgery. At this moment, I’m so happy because so many people have paid attention to me. It cheers me up.” Andriadi is now hoping to get the rest of his tumours removed in a follow-up procedure at some point in the near future.