By Rafaela Kuznec @RafaelaKuznec

A FITNESS model, addicted to bodybuilding, has been nicknamed 'Miss Iron Bum' by her fans as a result of her incredibly fit physique

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Videographer / director: Aleksey Solodunov
Producer: Rafaela Kuznec, James Thorne
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The Ukrainian woman, unlike other fitness models, admits to taking steroids but says she won’t recommend others to use any performance-enhancing drugs in order to increase their muscle mass and strength.

Bakhar Nabieva, who was born in Azerbaijan, but currently resides in Dnipro city, Ukraine, told Barcroft TV: “I am addicted to bodybuilding.

“I can't lie about it. 

“If I get three days’ rest, it feels weird.”

The 25-year-old said she hasn't always had this physique.

It’s hard to believe, but the model, who now has over 2.5 million Instagram followers, was bullied as a teenager because of her naturally thin frame and ‘skinny legs’.

Bakhar decided to change her body and stuck to a strict fitness regime when she was 17.

Since then, she started intensive training, mainly focusing on her legs and glutes.

Bakhar said: “I love Brazilian type of body. 

“And those girls have small upper body, but big thighs and the glutes. 

“I want to be like that as well.”

To critics, who say that her body is disproportional, she responded: “I have no reasons to build up my upper body.

“I don't care about proportions. 

“I like the way I look.”

Talking about her exercise routine, she said: “I usually try to change my workouts.

“One week I and my coach doing heavy weights and other week style dynamics.

“All my workouts last one hour.

“I see no sense of doing two hours or three hours like most of the people do.”

Bakhar added: “There is no day for me without squats.”

Her personal trainer, Eugene Turbin, describes Bakhar “a human with an iron character.”

Eugene told Barcroft TV: “She is very determined. 

“If she decides to achieve a goal, she will achieve it.

“She progresses very fast. 

“She can gain 3-4 kg of lean muscles per month. 

“That’s the result of her work.”

Addressing the steroid issue in the fitness industry, Bakhar said: “People constantly ask me about steroids and the thing is why they appreciate me and respect me is the reason that I am one of the few that are not afraid to say that.”

She added: “Lying about it is ridiculous, I think it's obvious that I do take them.

“I don't recommend it to others.”

She continued: “I take steroids and my voice is deep so some people think that I look like a man.

“But if you're a natural athlete there is no chance for you to look like a man.

“People have to understand it and especially women.

“You girls go squat, train your glutes and legs.

“It looks good, athletic bodies look great.

“You don't have to go hard as I do.

“I'm a fitness model, I go to the expos, I have to be in a shape.”

Bakhar’s friend, Anton Shapovalov, told Barcroft TV: “She is a very dedicated humble person.

“I learned a lot from her because she teaches me how to work hard, to be dedicated to what you do every single day, how to strike to your goals.

“She motivates me to go to the gym every single day and I'm trying to lose weight with her help, she helps me a lot with that.”

Bakhar said that fitness for her is like a therapy. 

She explained: “Some people go to the theatre, some people listen to music. 

“When I feel too stressed out I'm always in the gym. 

“It is a stress relief for me. 

“I feel good. 

“It’s part of my life right now.”

However, speaking about how she is accepted and treated in Ukraine, Bakhar said: “Ukrainian people don't really like me, because our people are not used to seeing this kind of body.

“They are used to slim bodies, skinny girls who only train their glutes. 

“So for them, I'm too much.”

Bakhar said: “I intimidate weak men and I'm not mad at them. 

“I don't feel upset or stressed out about it.

“I understand that not everybody is going to like me and it's fine.”

Speaking of her future plans, the fitness model said: “I know that tomorrow there is going to be another girl who is going to be popular and everyone is going to forget about me.

“I don’t want to be just a fitness model. 

“So now I'm just working to motivate people, to make them feel better about themselves.”