By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

CHEETAHS may be the world's fastest land animal – but even they can use a helping hand

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What are you looking at? A curious cub peeks its head into the car

Five of the majestic cats used a parked jeep in the Masaai Mara to relax and hunt for prey on the flat African plains.

Bryan Pereira, a 41-year-old Brit who lives in Canada, was astonished by the animals’ behaviour.

Crouched low: A cheetah rests on the roof and looks out over the plains

The mother and four cubs had just fed and were keen to jump onto the roof – despite Bryan’s vehicle backing away.

Eventually, one cub leapt onto the back of the jeep and the mother and the rest of the cubs followed.

Behind enemy lines: Two cheetahs make themselves comfortable on the hood of the jeep

Bryan runs the photographic tour company Exposure Tours and has experienced dozens of safaris but had never seen as many as five of the spotted predators climb onto the jeep.

He said: “I have been on safari many times and come quite close to cheetahs on several occasions.

Looking tasty: A cheetah licks its mouth while watching the tourists in the jeep

“However, It was the first time I was completely surrounded which was fun and scary at the same time.

“Cheetahs naturally like to be on high ground so they can get a better view of the landscape.

Big smile: A cheetah does not look happy to have its picture taken

"It’s not uncommon for one or two members of certain families to take advantage of a vehicle’s height and hop on top.

“But for five to do it is extremely rare.”

The cheetah cubs were very curious about the jeep and its occupants

Bryan had to wait thirty minutes for the deadly cats to get bored of the jeep and climb down – but not before snapping some stunning pictures.

Chew toy: A cheetah cub plays with an aerial

One cheetah cub was very inquisitive and was captured snarling and peeking into the open-topped car.

Catching some rays: The cheetahs look comfortable on the jeep - despite the scared occupants

Bryan said: “The curious one was very keen to come in and very interested in my camera.

The cubs look happy on the jeep

“She kept on leaning in and almost slipping on the camera bean bags which I frantically tried to remove.

Vantage point: The cheetahs look out across the plain on top of the jeep

“When she saw my camera I moved it back a little and she leaned in more.

Feeling happy: A cheetah looks content on the jeep

"I was a concerned if I moved it further back she would still want it, slip and fall in the vehicle so I let her satisfy her curiosity by allowing her to get close to it.

My jeep now! A cheetah does not look happy to get off the jeep

“My only concern was the cubs were not quite as steady and risked falling in.

"I know though that if that happened I should not panic - just open the door and let them out.”