A PAIR of seals go FLIPPING mad as they attack each other in the surf

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Stop blubbering! The two seals viciously fight in the water

The furious sea mammals whacked and gnawed at each other as waves crashed on to the beach at Punta Ninfas in Argentina last month.

While the cause of their argument was unknown, the elephant seals disturbed the peace as their fellow animals slept serenely on the sand.

But the other seals seem unamused

Chantelle Stobbe, 34, from Canada, watched as the fight exploded into action. 

She said: “There were approximately 30 elephant seals. They were mostly sleeping and lazing around. I'm not sure what caused them to start fighting.

Stop blubbering! The two seals viciously fight in the water

"They were all sleeping and then out of nowhere these two starting biting at each other and smacking their heads at one another - although some of the photos make it seem like they are buddies or lovers.

“This happened about 15ft in front of me – and the fight lasted for 10 minutes.

One of the seals postures to the other

But luckily, neither of the seals were left blubbering and both shuffled off without suffering life-threatening injuries. 

She added: “They are young males and they were probably play fighting or practicing for when they are older.”

The seals attack each other with their flippers and teeth
The pair gnash at each other with their teeth

When breeding season arrives, adult male seals battle each other for mating dominance over their harem of females.

Sometimes the animals survive the fight unscathed – but other battles can turn bloody and violent.

The other seals seem unperturbed by the behaviour
Big yawn: A seal seems bored by the antics