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A WOMAN who deliberately put on weight for years lost 240lbs after splitting from her feeder boyfriend - ultimately saving her life

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Patty changed her diet from biscuits, bacon and fast foods to chicken and salads

Morbidly obese Patty Sanchez ballooned to 722lbs after years of constant eating with the encouragement of her ex-boyfriend and online fans.

At one point Patty wanted to be the heaviest woman in the world - consuming 13,000 calories per day for several years.

But after breaking up with her former partner she decided to change her diet and lifestyle and has slimmed to 482lbs.

The 51-year-old mother of four said the weight loss has dramatically improved both her personal and family life.

Patty, from Reno, Nevada said: “I was tremendous - and I felt like I was dying a slow death.

With the help of her sons she shops for healthier foods and cooks meals for herself at home

“I realised that the feeding relationship I was in and the squashing was benefiting others, but it wasn’t for me.

“The weight loss had a lot to do with my break up with my ex - I was being served every meal daily, and when we broke up I had to take care of myself.

“I never feared death before - it was something I never thought about when I was getting bigger and bigger.

“But when I reached my lowest and couldn’t walk three steps to the bathroom without getting winded I was worried I wouldn’t be there for my four kids and five grandkids.

“My struggles didn’t come full surface until I became single and had no one to help me and I couldn’t cook for myself, bathe myself, or leave the house - it was very lonely.

At her heaviest, Patty weighed a whopping 51.5 stone

“I started learning how to make my own meals, and chose the food I was craving instead of the food others wanted me to eat to gain weight.

“I cook myself salads, chicken, stir-fries and try to eat very few carbs through the day.

“I have more control over what I eat now and I feel so much better."

After divorcing her second husband in 1991, Patty, who used to be a size eight and weighed 11 stone at 18, gave up on diets.

She said: “I was fed up with staying slim for men and binged on whatever I felt like eating - it was freedom.

Her sons, Scott Webber (L) and Logan Webber (R) helped her drop down to 34 stone

“In my 20s after having my children my weight jumped to 250lbs, and I continued to gain weight.

“In my 30s I was almost 300 lbs and by my 40s I was more than 400 lbs.”

In 2000, Patty met her boyfriend who introduced her to the gainer-feedee relationship.

She said: “We met through a friend on a phone chat line and I eventually moved to Los Angeles where he lived.

“We dated for 10 years and at first he wasn’t interested in big women, but he said I opened up a new world to him and he enjoyed it.

“He told me that he had fantasies about being with a girl and making her fatter.

“I felt sexy and was happy that I was pleasing him.

Patty has seen both her physical and mental state improve since losing the weight
Packing on the pounds: At one point Patty was gaining one stone every month

“Ninety per cent of our relationship revolved around eating - I loved to cook and eat and he loved to watch me eat and rub my belly."

But Patty’s family, including her two sons Scott Webber, 30 and Logan Webber, 28, were concerned about her rapid weight gain.

Scott said: “There was nothing healthy about going up to a weight where you have no quality of life - it was upsetting as her son to see her in a situation where she was physically deteriorating.

“I was worried because living unhappily is more of a death sentence than passing away - we all have our time but she wasn’t happy and couldn’t live life because she was immobile.”

At one point Patty was gaining about a stone every month.

Patty used to be a size eight and weighed 11 stone at 18, but gave up on diets after her second divorce

She said: “The bigger I got the more he loved it and it made me happy.

“I suffered from not getting the love I needed and wanted from my two prior husbands and with my ex it was different.

“He was very verbal and liked my body and I didn’t need approval from him the way I did in my other relationships."

To keep her weight up, Patty ate very large portions of food throughout the day.

She said: “For breakfast I would eat biscuits and gravy, eggs over easy, fried potatoes, bacon, and orange juice.

Happier family: Patty said she has a better relationship with her sons now

“For lunch I would normally eat a good amount of fast food along with large sodas.

“For dinner I would have a four to five course meal of meat, potatoes, macaroni and cheese, rice, bread, and iced tea."

Patty said he even enlisted a group of fans who paid to feed her and keep her weight up while he was away for work.

She said: “It just got bizarre at that point, and felt like it was no longer on a personal level.

“I was no longer interested, and we separated.

Patty was introduced to the feedee relationship through her ex-boyfriend

“I was heartbroken because he did give me the attention and affection I was seeking and he filled a void, but the outcome was obviously me being way too big.

“After we broke up I was laying in bed thinking about how he was carrying on with his life and I was stuck in bed with no one to help me and that was an overwhelming reality check.”

Patty was so heavy she could not walk around her home or bathe herself.

Once homebound Patty now enjoys going out to shop and spend time with her sons

She said: “My lowest point in life was when I was 722lbs and I could barely walk 3 steps to m bathroom

“It would take me 20 minutes to get back to bed - I never went outside and it was a lonely and dark time in my life.

“I couldn’t fit in the shower, I was crammed and couldn’t wash myself properly.

“I felt like if I carried on the way I was at the weight I was that I was going to die a slow death."

Patty now eats about 3,000 calories every day and is more mobile

Today, with the help of her two grown sons, Patty eats about 3,000 calories a day and is more mobile.

She said: “I stay away from fast food and eat more vegetables, fruits and poultry.

“Now I can do things that people take for granted that I couldn’t do - like walk, bathe, and paint my toenails which I couldn't reach for years.

“My children are very proud of me for changing my life around - we have a better relationship now.

“I would advise women who are in feeding relationships to make sure that you’re not just doing it for your partner and to fulfill their needs, make sure it’s for you too.

“I don’t have any regrets because I honestly came to my senses and saved my own life.”