By Hannah Stevens @Hannahshewans

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD motocross biker is destroying his competition and snatching trophies away from competitors years older than him

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Videographer / Director: David Johnson
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Michael Muncer
Editor: Marcus Cooper

Jaydin Smart and his two-year-old brother Eli play on some of the family's bikes

orn and raised in the world of motocross, Jaydin Smart is already outstripping older competitors and his parents believe he is on his way to a sparkling professional career.

Jaydin’s parents - Jocelyn and Patrick Smart - are also motocross lovers and the family live on a stretch of land in California, which has their very own race tracks to practice on.

Four-year-old Jaydin poses for the camera in the family's garden

After getting a strider bike for his first birthday, Jaydin poured all of his energy into learning how to ride and just two months after his second birthday he got a PW50 motocross bike to learn on.

Patrick said: “His advancement was unreal, as he was jumping, whipping, hitting berms and hill climbing in a very short time. By the time he was two years and four months, he was already riding a little bike to its full potential.

Jocelyn and Patrick Smart pose for a portrait with their two sons, Eli and Jaydin

“I knew Jaydin was ready to start riding before he was one-year-old because if he saw a motorcycle or a bicycle he’d try to jump on it.

“He was making the noises and playing with bikes, he just had an unbelievable love for the sport at a very young age.”

Jaydin rides every single day if he can and for his parents it can sometimes feel like a full-time job giving him all the practice time he wants.

Jocelyn said: “It’s a full time gig letting him ride, so it’s like his job. He at least gets 30 hours a week, it seems like, on his bikes.

An excited Jaydin holds up his medal for the camera while his dad holds him

“He just always bugged us to ride, it was never something we had to ask him, “Oh do you wanna go ride?”, it was always him constantly asking us.

“So we let him, and to this day he won’t stop!”

Even when he has to stay indoors instead of riding, Jaydin spends his time watching professional riders on TV, doing his best to imitate their techniques from the couch.

Jaydin holds up his new first place trophy after a competition
Eli and Jaydin play with the family's bikes in the garage

Jaydin said: “I like riding because I like jumping high and I like doing grips. I like riding with bigger kids because it’s more competition.”

The Smart’s two-year-old son Eli is also a keen racer and he is always eager to copy his brother’s moves.

Patrick said: “I absolutely hope that Eli and Jaydin will carry on the tradition and I’m a firm believer that Jaydin for sure will.

Jaydin poses next to his bike after a practice ride

“I take Jaydin riding almost everyday because if I don’t he’s very unhappy. We’ll also go down to Marysville and ride the track and he’ll fall asleep on the way home.

“When we get home he’ll wake up and say, “Are we going to ride today?” and we tell him we’ve already ridden today but he’ll say, “No we didn’t ride today”. So sometimes we’ll ride several times a day!”

Although the family always put safety first, they occasionally have to fend of safety critics online.

The young motocross star practices one of his stunts on his push bike

Patrick said: “I’ve dealt with a little bit of criticism, mostly on social media from people who we don’t know because they feel it’s an unsafe sport. There’s a lot of things that are unsafe in life and, honestly, Jaydin is yet to be injured on the motorcycle."

Now he has turned four Jaydin has started racing properly and has already won several races at a local track and is setting his sights on collecting more medals and trophies in the future.