By Amanda Stringfellow @amanda_l_s

A THREE-MONTH-OLD urban fox cub picks a fight with a camera in these adorable photographs

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Gotcha! The feisty fox targets the camera with his teeth

The feisty fox decided to investigate the device as she played with her three siblings in Walthamstow, East London.

Take a Break: A cub grooms itself as it watches its siblings play

Photographer, Greg Morgan, set up the remote camera in an attempt to get close-up snaps of the red-haired fox family.

But Greg got more than he bargained for when a boisterous cub sunk its teeth into the camera hood.

Close-up: despite the attack the remote camera captured this adorable image

Greg, 44, had been photographing the cubs after he discovered an urban fox family living near his home for several weeks.

And despite the chewing of the cheeky cub - Greg succeeded in capturing the wilful wild animals up close.

Out Foxed! Greg succeeded in capturing the wilful wild animals up close

Greg said: "I've been photographing this fox family for a couple of weeks now.

Cubby Love: The cub gazes lovingly at her parent

"It's been a gradual process to gain their trust, but now they seem to have accepted I'm not a threat to them.

"Their natural playfulness and curiosity is more evident, and they go about their business without worrying about me.

Sneaky: The urban foxes were unimpressed with Greg's camera

“As the cubs have got used to me, so they've become bolder and more relaxed in my company - though the parents are much more cautious.”

Teamwork: Three of the cubs approached Greg as he lay with his camera on the ground

But Greg’s attempts to get close-ups of the cute cubs did not go exactly as he had planned.

"I set up a second camera with a remote shutter release to take close-ups of the cubs. However one little cub had other ideas, and decided the camera looked tasty, so ended up having a good chew on the lens hood,” Greg said.

Snapper: The boisterous cub sunk its teeth into the camera hood

"Most foxes are quite shy of people, but urban foxes have grown used to living among humans, and so it's easier to approach them.

"I've still had to be patient and put in quite a lot of time in order to get these photos.

"At one point one of the cubs came right up to where I was sitting and had a chew on my boot. Foxes often get a bad press, but I find them full of character, intelligence and playfulness - especially the cubs."