By John Balson @JJBalson

THE owner of Las Vegas’ first twenty-four hour nail bar has lifted the lid on the ‘freaky’ world of Sin City salons

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Videographer / director: Braden Party
Producer: John Balson, Ruby Coote
Editor: James Thorne

Nyisha Goodwin, 36, the co-owner of Get Nailed 24/7, sees the weird and wonderful as rowdy tourists flock to the entertainment capital of the world.

But the locals can be even crazier than the stag and hen parties hitting the world-famous strip.

She said: “When you’re running a 24-hour salon, anything can happen.

"Daytime is more laidback. It is more tourists and people wanting to see how Vegas is.

“But at nighttime the quirky, the freaky, the outrageous, all of the above come out.

“We have people who are transgender, escorts, cocktail waitresses - people that just want to come to Vegas and have a good time.”

She said they see high and low-class escorts coming in to get ready for a night of moneymaking.

A couple of girls have even been seen taking money from clients for a manicure, and then running out the backdoor with the cash when they’re not looking.

That aside, the salon is also a sanctuary regulars, such as croupiers and bartenders, who finish work at odd times.

Salon manager Diamond Delacia Earl, 24, said: “We are their ear, we are their family, we listen.

“Some people will come here and they’ll be here till 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning talking about their love lives and their stress.

“They will tell you everything because some people don’t have anybody to go to.

“We are their therapist, they pour so much on us. It’s a comfortable environment.

“I love it when people tell me everything about them because I am so nosey.”

Despite the stresses of running the salon, Nyisha is proud of her achievement.

“It’s fun. We have a lot of energy. At times it can be difficult but I own the first 24-hour nail salon in Vegas and that has never been done before.

“I love being number one.

“I started Get Nailed because there was something missing in Vegas. It needed somewhere girls could come at anytime of night to get their nails done.

“But it’s not just about the nails. We offer an experience. If we offered just nails, we’d probably be out of business.”