By Chloe Sweet @chloesweet

A COUPLE from Kent make an unlikely pair as one is a goth, while the other is obsessed with all things pastel colours

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Videographer / director: Krista Magica, Harry Valentine

Producer: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote

Editor: Garry Sykes

Krista Magica, 21, and her partner Harry Valentine, 23, became a couple three years ago after meeting online. 

Despite bonding over their love for alternative style, the couple have completely contrasting looks. While Krista is obsessed with pastel colours, her “goth” boyfriend Harry is dressed head-to-toe in black. 

She describes herself as a “kawaii magical girl” but Harry says that his style is somewhere between “emo” and “goth”.

Harry told Truly: “I think my first impression of Krista was probably just that I think she’s very, very cute and very fascinating.”

Krista said: “I love everything pink, sparkly and magical. 

“All of my fashion is pastel colors and everything else is a complete mix between a lot of Japanese, Harajuku fashions.”

Their styles have even influenced their living space, with one half of their home decorated in cute pastel colours, and the other in blacks and greys.

Krista explained: “We kind of tried to divide the house so we both have areas that are representative of us. But I've kind of spread my little kawaii tentacles out throughout the house."

“There’s just such a stark contrast between my area of the house and Krista’s area which is just so different. Like not just in color scheme but also just in interests,” Harry added. 

Krista’s office, where she makes accessories to sell online, is one of the spaces in the house that is filled with plush toys and anime artwork.

She has also taken over the shared bedroom, keeping her kawaii outfits on display to add to the aesthetic while Harry’s gothic clothes stay hidden in the wardrobe.

They agreed that Harry gets control of the lounge and kitchen, so these rooms take on darker colours and have Harry’s possessions out instead, such as his “geeky” music equipment and games. 

Like Krista, he also has a number of plush toys, but they too keep in line with his black and white colour scheme. 

Although the couple mostly agree on how to balance their space, Harry admits he sometimes has to reject some of Krista’s more outlandish decor ideas.

Harry said: “Me and Krista definitely have disagreements about things. Like, even though our bedroom is Krista’s zone, I have to moderate it a little. 

“There are some things that she wants to bring into the house or paint things a certain way where I'm just like, ‘That's too far we can’t do that.’

“We’ve talked about combining our styles into one room, but we've kind of decided that would be a bit of a cluster f**k.”

When out in public, the pair inevitably attract attention for their stand-out, opposing styles. While they say that most people are positive and compliment their looks, they admit that they have also received targeted abuse for dressing the way they do.

Harry said: “There’s a lot of people out there who are really rude who just want to insult you.

“I’ve been called a dirty grudger, I’ve been called a f****t and emo s**t head.”

“I actually lost quite a few friends. When I started becoming more extreme there would be people who didn't really want to be seen in public with me,” Krista confessed.

“A lot of people are really scared of the negative responses but I think the positives outweigh the negatives really because you can finally feel like yourself.”

Despite their clashing colour scheme, Krista and Harry say that their styles aren’t actually as different as people think. 

Harry said: “More observant people might notice that actually me and Krista have a lot of similarities in our style even though the color pallet is completely opposite.

“I think we both encourage each other to try different things and just do all sorts of stuff with our makeup. I think that we both influence each other hugely."

Krista added: “It’s not like we have some kind of black and pink war going on!”