By Mark Hodge @MrHodgey

A GREAT white shark demonstrates the power of its infamous jaws – but loses one of its razor sharp teeth in the process

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Videographer / Director: Skyler Thomas
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas, Kyle Waters

Taking a closer look: The shark breaks the water's surface

This mesmerising video shows the mechanics of the predator’s unique mouth, and was filmed by shark educator, Skyler Thomas, from a shark proof cage submerged into the ocean.

Smile for the camera: The white shark has five rows of teeth

Most of the footage was shot in Guadalupe, Mexico, South Australia and South Africa, between July and August 2015, and shows the shark’s tooth falling out from natural causes.

Bite size: Skyler has been studying great whites since 2004

White sharks have five rows of teeth in the bottom and the top of their mouth – with 48 ultra sharp fangs at the front.

As the most prominent teeth fall out, the next row moves forward like a conveyor belt – footage of a white shark's tooth falling out naturally is extremely rare.

The impressive apex predator dramatically swims towards the enticing bait

San Francisco resident Skyler, 41, who started studying the species back in 2004, spoke about how the upper jaw becomes separate from the skull during an attack.

Quick bite to eat: The shark lunges for the chum

He said: “The white shark uses its lower jaw to first impale the target - then the top jaw actually detaches from the skull as powerful muscles move the jaw forward and down to come together with the lower jaw.

Flipping out: The predator is enticed to the surface by filmmaker Skyler

“The teeth move forward over time, ensuring the animals aren't toothless for any long period.

“The exact number of teeth a white shark goes through in a lifetime is hard to estimate, but it's in the thousands.”

Expert Skyler also revealed how intelligent the predators are compared to other marine life.

The huge jaws of the white shark are clearly visible in this amazing shot

He said: “Out of 500 and counting species of shark in the ocean, the white shark is the only species that is specifically designed and adapted to hunt marine mammals such as pinnipeds such as seals, sea lions, elephant seals.

A great white shark displays its jaws while emerging from the dark blue water

“They are more intelligent than we ever imagined, so intelligent that they possess individual personalities - some are shy, some are bold and some are even seem playful.

“Some researchers have stated that white sharks actually have more in common with marine mammals than with fish - but they are still fish.”