By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

A group of giraffes look like they’re attempting to do the splits, just so they can quench their thirst

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Pair of giraffes show off their bendy yoga skills as they quench their thirst

The beautifully shot pictures of the herd gathering around a watering hole for a midday drink were taken by Frankfurt based IT manager, Dirk Rüter in Etosha National Park, Namibia during a hot September’s day.

Photographer Dirk and his wife captured the series of stunning images during a 5 week trip to Namibia and Botswana

Right in the middle of the dry season, the water is a scarce resource and the towering animals make the most of it.

Dirk said: “All animals have to come to the few waterholes in the park to drink regularly. While the scenery is all dry without any green vegetation and a bit bleak, this is the ideal season to watch and photograph wildlife.

The long neck animals are extremely careful when bent down as they are vulnerable to attacks from predators
Right in the middle of the dry season, the water is a scarce resource and the towering animals make the most of it

“We spent the whole day driving through the park and waiting for hours at the waterholes to see who was coming for a drink.

“We learned that it pays to be patient and wait some time. On one of these occasions after waiting some time at a seemingly deserted waterhole, the giraffes started coming out of the bush.

A small zebra joins the group of giraffes as Dirk said: “There was enough space that they could keep some distance and not disturb each other while drinking.”

“If you're shooting wildlife, it's always more interesting to capture some of the natural behaviour of the animals. The way giraffes drink is really amazing. They are extremely careful because when they are bent down, legs stretched out, they are vulnerable for attacks from predators like lions.

Taken in Etosha National Park on a hot September’s day these giraffes appear to showing off their flexibility

“It can take a long time of looking around and making sure nothing harmful is near until they finally decide to drink. When they finally do, it looks like an artistic exercise, until those tallest animals on earth get their head lowered down to the water level.

“From a photographic standpoint, the late afternoon light and the reflections of the animals in the water just made it perfect.”