By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

A HAIRDRESSER with an eye for wacky and creative hairdos is ridding the world of conventional haircuts while raising money for charity, one head at a time

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Videographer / director: Myke O’Halloran
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

25-year-old hairdresser, Myke O' Halloran creates the wacky hairstyles to raise money for charity

Mykey O’ Halloran, 25, from Melbourne, Australia, has raised more than $20,000 (£14,000) giving volunteers brightly coloured hairstyles.

The experienced hairdresser, who has been doing hair for a decade, recently travelled around the east coast of Australia offering his unique skills to daring punters.

Since doing the creative hairdos, Myke has raised more than $20,000 (Australian) for make-a-wish foundation

Mykey’s first foray into the world of quirky hairstyles came about a few years ago, when a friend who was suffering from cancer wanted to dye her hair rainbow-coloured.

Myke travelled along the east coast of Australia to give willing volunteers a new hairdo

He said: “ I had driven up five hours from Brisbane to do my friend, Hope’s hair. She wanted her hair dyed rainbow and she had three types of cancer. She had put out on Facebook that she wanted someone to dye her hair.”

During his road trip Mykey travelled for 30 days and managed to do 48 creative up-styles and cuts whilst raising money for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

When doing the designs Myke visualises how he will do it rather than have a plan of action

Mykey’s designs range from pineapples to landmarks of Australian cities and he has even managed to create iconic cartoon characters.

Some of the hairstyles can take up to eight hours to complete

The hairstyles can take up to eight hours to complete with most of the time spent colouring the hair of volunteers.

What makes Mykey’s designs even more impressive is that the 25-year-old never practices them beforehand, preferring to figure it out as he goes along.

The experienced hairdresser draws inspiration from everyday objects and popular cartoon characters

Mykey said: “I never practice the styles before the day, I just visualise how I might curl or crimp pieces for legs for example, if it’s going to be a prawn, or if i pre-curl it to get the shell of the body of the prawn.”

“In the moment I’m more creative when it’s in front of me and I’m working with my hands,” he added.

Myke plans on doing a rainbow road trip across America

Now the charitable hair stylist has his eyes set on America and is currently making preparations to take the rainbow roadtrip stateside.

He said: “I’m going to replicate 15 landmarks into hairstyles across America, I want to do landmarks like Disney characters and the Statue Of Liberty.”


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