By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

AN ADORABLE happy lamb hops his way to internet fame after a brush with death

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Videographer / Director: Shannen Hussein
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Hilarious videos of little Winter bouncing down hallways and on beds has made the fluffy creature a Vine star.

And despite being just five months old he has amassed a dedicated following of 25,000 people who follow his every move.

Shannen Hussein, 21, from Melbourne, Australia, found the young lamb and his twin weak and shivering during a cold winter night after being abandoned by their mother.

Winter likes to bounce his way round the house - including on beds and down hallways

She brought the pair in from the cold and cared for them throughout the night but Winter's twin did not survive.

Luckily Winter’s health bounced back and it was then Shannen discovered his unusual talent.

The young animal was nursed back to health...
… and now delights Vine users with his peculiar antics

She said: “At about two weeks of age I started recording him bouncing down the hall when I called his name. It was like a game for him.

“I thought it was pretty adorable but I didn't think it would cause that much of a fuss.”

Shannen posted the videos on her Vine account, which at the time had just a few followers.

But after a few days Winter’s cute antics gained attention and views snowballed to 11 million people in just 72 hours.

Winter and Shannen now have 25,000 followers on Vine
He entertains viewers with his bouncing habits and dog-like behaviour

She said: “I was just really shocked from having no followers to straight away people were liking and re-Vining my six second clips of him.

“I honestly didn't know how to react. It just seemed crazy.”

The little lamb has now become a pet for Shannen, and he feels at home at the hobby farm where she lives with her family and a hoard of animals, including donkeys, emus, parrots and even a camel.

Winter prefers the company of his human owner, Shannen, to fellow sheep

In fact, the farm animal acts more like a dog, reluctant to mix with fellow sheep and enjoys long scratches and belly rubs.

But Winter is banned from inside the house without supervision – as he isn’t toilet trained.

Shannen added: “We have found he likes to play on soft things like my bed or on couches which isn't ideal. 

Winter is now just five months old and has built a home in the Australian hobby farm
He answers to his name and enjoys long scratches and belly rubs

"He also has a weird habit of ramming outdoor chairs that have fallen over. He seems to find it offensive, I guess, but it's quite funny to watch.

“Over the years in owning and raising animals I have experienced quite a few weird animal habits but Winter was the first lamb I ever got the chance of raising.”