By Chloe Sweet @_chloesweet

AN ASPIRING J-pop singer who describes herself as a “pink icon” has dressed in nothing but her favourite colour since 2016

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Videographer / director: Skyler Martin
Producer: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote
Editor: Thom Johnson

Idaho-based art student Alison Jones loves the colour pink so much, that she has made it an integral part of her life and style.

The 22-year-old, who describes herself as a “pink icon” says that all of her possessions are pink and she has worn the colour every day for three years.

Alison told Barcroft TV: “I suppose I only wear pink because it is who I am. I always feel the most comfortable, I always feel the most sophisticated.

“As silly as that sounds, when I wear pink, it makes me feel happy and confident.

“I only will ever wear pink, that is my colour, that is where my heart lies.”

She admits that she often wakes up at four o’clock in the morning to perfect her look before going to university classes.

Her style follows ‘Harajuku’ and ‘Kawaii’ fashion trends, which originated in Japan in the 1980s.

Harajuku is a region in Tokyo renowned for its unique art and fashion scene, Kawaii is a term used to describe a “cute” aesthetic.

Alison began dressing in these trends after visiting Tokyo for the first time and falling in love with their style.

She said: “You go there and everyone can wear anything.

“There really isn’t a real guideline to [Harajuku style]. It is more about who you are, expressing who you are as a person.”

Her love for Japanese culture also stemmed from her childhood, as her grandfather was involved in public relations between Japan and America after World War Two.

Alison said: “My mum was raised in a household where my grandfather was so loving and always sharing his love of Japan.

“He is one of the prolific key figures during World War Two that helped make Japan and the United States friends.

“He also made Osaka and San Francisco sister cities. So to have that in my life, was always a big part of my life.”

Although he passed away before Alison was born, she says that the Japanese-influenced upbringing was passed onto to her through her mother.

She said: “It’s super unfortunate I didn’t get to meet him.

“I am inspired so much by my grandfather’s work and to be a figure like that would be everything I could ask for in this life.

“I think he would be excited about my style, I think because I celebrate Japan in a way that he did.”

Alison also has a twin, Josie, who dresses in Harajuku style – but instead opts to wear the colour green.

Josie told Barcroft TV: “Our contrasting styles is definitely based on our favourite colours. Hers being pink and mine being green. That has always been the main differentiation between me and her.

“I feel that Ali will always be pink.

“When we are 100 years old and I am still playing Crash Bandicoot Rabid Cortex in the corner of the old folks home, she is still going to have pink hair for sure.”