By Jack McKay @_jackmckay

A BIRD of prey had to be rescued after getting trapped upside down in a tree

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Videographer / Director: A Place Called Hope
Producer: Samantha Grillo, Chloe Browne
Editor: Sonia Estal, Ian Phillips

Flapping around: The distressed animal was stuck in the tree for 16 hours

The red tailed hawk was spotted flapping helplessly 60ft in the air after getting its leg caught in the crux of trunk.

Rescuers from A Place Called Hope sanctuary were called in to assist the distressed animal.

On the wing: The hawk was released after two days in the sanctuary

Husband and wife rescuers Todd Secki and Christine Cummings founded the sanctuary in Killingworth, Connecticut, to save injured birds of prey.

Huge re-leaf: The hawk returned to its natural habitat

By the time they arrived the hawk had been trapped for 16 hours and appeared to be suffering from exhaustion.

Todd was able to scale the tree using climbing equipment and managed to free the bird.

Todd Secki examines the bird following its rescue
Todd Secki administered pain relief and fluids after rescuing the bird from the tree

Todd said: “You get the feeling that these animals know that we are here to help.

“Once they realise you’re not a predator and you’re not going to hurt them they relax and calm down.”

"You get the feeling that these animals know that we are here to help."
Red in tooth and claw: The bird's foot was bloodied after hours of struggling

On the ground the male hawk was given pain relief and fluids to rehydrate it before being taken to the sanctuary to be checked out.

The hawk’s leg was injured from hours of struggling against the tree and staff wanted to make sure so much time upside down hadn’t affect its organs.

The hawk was rescued by A Place Called Hope bird sanctuary

Christine said: “He is very lucky to alive considering the damage he could have done to his leg, its tendons and foot.

“Everything is functioning the foot works.”

The bird's trapped leg is finally freed from the tree

He was released after spending two days being cared for by A Place Called Hope.

Hawks mate for life and it is believed this hawk had a female and chicks waiting for him in a nest somewhere.