By Nathalie Bonney @nathaliebonney

TOGETHER for a decade and married for nine of those years, with a six and three-year-old, despite their conventional-looking family setup, couple Matt and Carmen had often talked about opening up their marriage

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Videographer / director: Michael Darling

Producer: Nathalie Bonney, Ruby Coote

Editor: Helen McKee

When they started swing dancing lessons they instantly clicked with their teachers, Brooklyn and Keith. One summer evening, while having some drinks round their pool, conversation came around to open relationships and the fact that Brooklyn and Matt and Keith and Carmen were attracted to each other. After taking it the next level, Brooklyn and Keith officially moved into Matt and Carmen’s family home. Splitting their time between their original, or ‘OG’ as they refer to them relationships and the new partnerships, the four described themselves as a closed hetero quad. Carmen and Matt’s children thought of Brooklyn and Keith as godparents that lived with them and the two couples enjoyed hanging out as an extended family of six, as well as double dating. Reactions from friends and family to the arrangement were mixed, with the usual assumptions that the quad are together mainly for sex. They believe polyamory is the way forward in modern living though and hope their relationship is a testament to this.