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LEGGY Holly Burt is inching her way into the record books with what she thinks are the longest legs in the US - measuring a whopping 49.5 inches

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Holly Burt has emerged to trump current record holder Lauren Williams who has 49 inch pins

The 20-year-old design student from Florida, USA has emerged to trump current record holder - model Lauren Williams - who has 49 inch pins.

While she used to get bullied for her height, Holly received a welcome boost when she moved to New York two years ago as men can’t get enough of her statuesque figure.

She used her lengthy figure to her advantage when it came to sports
Holly comes from a very tall family - most of her relatives measure over 6 feet tall

Holly said: “Back in middle school I was called daddy long legs, tree or giraffe - but the dating scene has gotten better since I moved to New York.

“I definitely have seen guys come up to me who have a fetish for long legs.

“When people see me in heels their jaws hit the floor.

Holly's legs measure a whopping 49.5 inches

“I have a rule that I won’t date anyone under 6ft 3in and fortunately New York is full of tall, hot men.

“If I see someone in a bar who is taller than me I will go straight over and try to chat him up.

“My legs are definitely an asset now, being older I feel like people appreciate them more.”

Holly first noticed her long legs in 5th grade when she was taller than her teacher
Holly was bullied in school for her height

Holly was always destined to reach great heights as extreme stature runs in her family.

She said: “I first realised I was really tall when I was in 2nd grade and I was taller than my teacher.

When she moved to New York two years ago her love life received a welcome boost

“My mom is 6ft 1in, my dad is 6ft 3in, and my sister is 6ft. I happen to be the youngest and the tallest in my family.

“My grandpa who just passed was 6ft 8in, my uncle is 6ft 7in, so it’s a really, really tall family."

Holly has a 38 inch inseam and finds it difficult to buy clothes that fit her just right
Holly says she won't date anyone under 6ft 3in

Growing up she used her height to her advantage playing a variety of sports and helping her shorter friends.

She said: “I was always picked first for sports - I played soccer for ten years and basketball for seven or eight - I was included because I was so tall.

“I also used my help my friends get stuff from high places a lot."

Holly finds it difficult fitting inside standard size cars

But being tall also proves difficult when Holly uses standard sized cars or shops for clothes.

She said: “It’s very difficult taking planes and getting in cars.

Right now Holly is focusing on her studies but hopes to start modeling as well
She said her legs are an asset now that she is older and people appreciate them more

“My ex-boyfriend had a mini cooper and we took that to Florida - it was probably the worst ride of my life.

“My inseam is about 38 inches - I do have a lot of shopping issues when it comes to finding something that fits me.”

Holly said moving from Florida to New York gave her love life a boost

For now Holly plans to focus on her studies and graduate college but hopes her legs will take her far in the future.

She said: “I love the attention that I get. I’ve been tall all my life and sometimes I was picked on so now it’s like I’m being recognised for something good.

Holly towers over her friends with her lengthy figure
Holly is hoping her legs will open doors for her in the future

“I’m hoping my legs will generate good opportunities - I’m very open to modeling again.

“I would so be down with doing a little show down with Lauren Williams. She seems like a nice girl and I’m interested in meeting someone with long legs just like me.”