By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

ENORMOUS structures of steel, concrete and glass tower over you in these photographs taken in Hong Kong

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Exithamster said: "They you feel like being on a space ship just about to take off"

Travel photographer Exithamster visited Quarry Bay, Hong Kong in January 2017 and was awe-struck by the huge structures.

He said: "As Hong Kong is very crowded during daytime a friend of mine told me to head to Quarry Bay to have a bit of a more laid back atmosphere and photo possibilities.

Many of the skyscrapers are apartment buildings

"The next day I found myself in a courtyard of a massive residential complex - each apartment differently painted and with its own A/C box fixed on almost every window.

Exithamster said: "It is up to the viewer to decide whether to feel caged or free"

"I was so impressed that I ended up visiting 5 times during my 8 days in Hong Kong. Usually when you do city sightseeing everything above you stays unexplored. That time my neck started to hurt!”

Hong Kong has a population of over 7 million people

With a population of over 7 million people many of Hong Kong’s high rises are residental apartment blocks.

The photographs said: "Each apartment was painted differently"

Exithamster said: "As I am never travelling with a tripod it was a bit tricky to take these shots because you always need to find a flat spot on the ground.

"That way the display on my camera will be hidden so practically you end up taking 30-40 shots until you got the one which is right.”