By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

A FITNESS fanatic and slender Youtuber proves that he is a food challenge machine - by devouring gigantic 15,000 calorie meals in minutes

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Videographer / director: Nathan Figueroa
Producer: Crystal Chung, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ian Phillips

YouTube Nathan Figueroa has amassed over 230,000 subscribers due to his food challenges

Nathan Figueroa, 29, has proven to the world that his eyes definitely aren’t bigger than his stomach, by consuming large meals from an 80oz steak, a 28 inch pizza, a 6 lbs burrito and a whopping 10 lbs burger and fries challenge.

The videographer from Florida started his food challenges in 2015 after he saw a picture of his friend eating a giant burger on social media.

Nathan contacted his friend and asked if he could join him in the food challenge and has been gulping down ginormous portions of food for his 230,000 followers ever since.

Nathan about to tackle a 6lb pork sandwich

Nathan said: “What I enjoy about these food challenges is that I get to eat a large amount of calories and that’s not something that I eat on a normal basis so on these challenges I can eat without a care!”

Figueroa balances his thousand calorie meals by going to the gym six or seven days a week and when he isn’t partaking in one of his food challenges, he only tends to intake 2500 to 3500 calories per day.

Nathan managed to gobble down a 8lb burrito in 15 minutes

He said: “The calories that I consume per day really depend on what I eat the day before, if i consume some food that has thousands of calories, then I obviously have to do a deficit for a few to have to rebound from all of the excess calories consumed.

“A popular question that I’m asked is ‘how do I do these challenges and how do I stay fit?’

Nathan is able to consume huge amounts of food because of his strict exercise regime

“I go to the gym, I balance my diet and I make sure I don’t consume a crazy amount of calories on the days that I don’t do challenges.”

Nathan finds his inspiration from various food challenge websites online, such as and - containing forums filled with challenges all around the world.

The foodie challenges have varied from a 5000 calories to a whopping 15000 calories and his hardest challenge to date is a ‘giant burger challenge,’ filled with six 1lb burger patties and fries - totalling to a stomach-busting 10 lbs in weight.

A burger which is over a foot tall and comprises 4lbs of meat and 40 pieces of bacon and is nearly 20,000 calories

The YouTuber said: “I remember driving home from Port St. Lucie and I just felt like pulling over and curling into a ball, it was just the worst feeling in my life.

“That night I got zero sleep because my stomach was so full, I’ve never experience that feeling after a challenge and I hope i never do again!

Nathan holding the 'Arby's Challenge' - 'Arby's Challenge' comprising 2 chicken tenders, turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, corned beef, brisket, steak, cheddar cheese, roast beef and bacon

“I wouldn’t say that I have a favourite challenge but I’ve done a lot of pizza challenges and I pretty much love pizza, so I would say any pizza challenge that I’ve done is my favourite.”

On an average day, Nathan consumes a rather normal intake of around 2500 calories and says that his family are fans of his food challenges, so long as he takes care of his health.

Nathan getting ready to chow down on with six 1lb patties with bacon, vegetables, cheese and 2lbs of fries

Figueroa hopes to travel the world trying different food challenges but he also confesses that he won’t be doing devouring the gigantic meals forever.

He said: “I pretty much do things as they come, but I would love to travel the world and try different foods or challenges all around the world.

A 10lb meal - pulled pork, coleslaw, beans, ribs and corn
Nathan Figueroa about to eat an 8lb beef burger

“Will I ever stop food challenges? Absolutely I will, obviously you can’t do this forever.

“I feel like when i get to my early thirties I will slow down, maybe do challenges once a month, I’ve got to maintain my health later on in my life.”

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