By Sophia Rahman

A SELF-proclaimed ‘human doll’ has had eyelid surgery to make her appear more Caucasian - like her style icon Barbie

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Videographer / Director: Per Lind
Producer: Sophia Rahman, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

Ophelia Vanity, from Los Angeles, California, is half-Chinese by heritage - but spent $4,000 on a blepharoplasty to try and resemble the iconic western-looking fashion doll.

The 30-year-old has now spent over $35,000 in total on achieving her doll-like appearance.

She told Barcroft TV: “I just think that Barbie is very iconic. I’m definitely not trying to be racist.

“There are dolls and Barbies, especially nowadays, of every height, skin colour and ethnicity, but I’ve always just been drawn to more of the iconic Barbie look.

“So that’s why I would like to look more Caucasian - to have more of the mainstream iconic look.

“I’ve needed this surgery for six years and a lot of people have teased or bullied me about my eyes, so I’m hoping the surgery will give me more confidence.”

The Instagram model, who has more than 71,000 followers on the social networking site, said she has struggled with self-esteem issues regarding her looks.

She said: “I had anorexia when I was in high school.

“I’m definitely not anorexic anymore, but I don’t think I have fully recovered because I’ll always have low self-esteem in general about my body, but I also suffer from body dysmorphia disorder.

“The regular Botox and lip injections definitely help with my self esteem. I lack self-esteem and I think that’s also another reason why I try to look as much like a human doll as possible.

“It’s one of the few things that does give me a bit of confidence.

“As far as cosmetic procedures go to make myself look more doll-like, I definitely get Botox and my hair bleached, and lip injections at least once every month.”

Following her blepharoplasty, which will give her a higher eyelid crease, Ophelia plans to have many more procedures in her quest for her ideal look.

She said: “I definitely want breast and butt implants.

“I want an actual rhinoplasty, skin bleaching, four to six ribs removed for a slimmer waistline, as well as BrightOcular, which permanently changes the colour of your eyes by putting an implant in there.”

Ophelia’s boyfriend, Justin Sterling, said he thinks she has all the cosmetic work done as she doesn’t feel unique.

He said: “I don’t feel that way about her. She is definitely unique. But I could see how maybe surgery gets addictive.”

Dr Ray Douglas, who performed the procedure, said it would take a full three months to see the results of the blepharoplasty.

Speaking before Ophelia’s blepharoplasty, the surgeon, of La Peer Health Systems in Beverly Hills, said: “What I’m going to do is give Ophelia an almost Caucasian insertion and pull the platform tightly so you can put make-up on it.

“It will be a nice, smooth, beautiful platform, without a bunch of lines or folds in it.”

And three months after the eyelid surgery, Ophelia told Barcroft TV that she is pleased with the results.

She said: “The surgery has definitely made me more confident in my appearance and I’m really happy with it.”