By Rafaela Kuznec @RafaelaKuznec

A BRAZILIAN model has spent over $1 million on achieving his ‘human doll’ look

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Videographer / director: Janio Edwards
Producer: Rafaela Kuznec, James Thorne
Editor: Sonia Estal 

With his pearly white smile, perfect physique, blond hair and ice blue eyes, Maurício Galdi looks like a real-life Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.

Maurício, who works as an actor, model and entrepreneur, told Barcroft TV: “I was always inspired by the Ken figure.

“I always saw him as being perfect.

“And I needed to be as close as possible to his image.”

The 30-year-old said: “In my younger years I regarded myself as not very good looking.

“I wanted to aspire to my favourite image which was the Ken figure and I already had some resemblance to Ken.”

Brazilian-born Maurício had his first plastic surgery at the age of 16 after he signed up to acting school and felt that he wasn't considered “enough good-looking to be an actor.”

To remedy that, he went under the knife, starting with a nose job and eventually having silicone implants into his arms, chest and his bum to give the illusion of bulging biceps and a high-risk permanent eye colour change procedure.

Maurício said that he paid for his first surgery from his own pocket and added: “I was modelling at that time, I was earning my own money and I told my parents two days before the surgery.

“They nearly cut my head off so to speak.”

In total, the young man has had more than 11 plastic surgeries and multiple cosmetic procedures in the past 10 years.

Maurício’s mother, Valéria Galdi, told Barcroft TV: “He has changed a lot.

“I was always against it all.’hBecause I never thought that he needed to change.

“He was always a good looking kid, a good looking teen, so why change yourself?”

Valéria added: “Someone who is always looking to change maybe is not completely satisfied with themselves.

“However, according to him, he is happy, but I don’t know if he is really happy.”

Maurício admitted that his looks have helped him to gain fame and become a TV and social media personality.

He said: “I live from my appearance.

“My days involve recording for TV channels, having photo shoots, attending events and promoting sponsorships on social media.”

Despite having a huge fan base in Brazil, Maurício said: “I can’t measure if I am famous or not. “But I know that there are some caring fans out there for this character [Ken doll].”

Brazilian human Ken says he is happy with his looks now but he is planning on getting further non- surgical procedures, such as application of porcelain teeth veneers and Botox to maintain his Ken doll appearance.

He said: “I know that being the Ken figure will not last forever, simply because we all are aging. “I will become an ‘uncle’ Ken figure soon.
“But I have other business projects planned in the future.

“Today I have no regrets about anything.”