By Nathalie Bonney @nathaliebonney

RODRIGO Alves has lost five inches off his waistline thanks to his controversial rib removal procedure - and he is hoping to shrink to a tiny 20-inch waist - if he keeps wearing corsets

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The 34-year-old plastic surgery addict claims he had the $28,000 procedure not to match any conventional standards of beauty but so that he can look even more unique.

Rodrigo told Barcroft TV: “Having my ribs removed is not important. What’s important to me is to look a certain way. I like to look different. I like the fact that I have reinvented myself, with the help of plastic surgery, and that I don’t look like any other man, I don’t look like anyone else and I do like that.

"I am my own person, I am my own brand, and it feels good to be an individual as well. Having the ribs removed is just a small fraction of it.

“I didn’t have any plastic surgery to please anybody rather than myself and I never had plastic surgery to have the attention from the media or the press. It was an accident.”

Thanks to his rib removal surgery - where he had four floating ribs removed - and constant corset wearing Rodrigo, who has been dubbed the Human Ken Doll, has dropped from a 34 inch waist to 29 inches.

Rodrigo finally has the coveted silhouette he’s wanted for so long – but admits he needs to wear a corset 24 hours a day to maintain his hour glass curves.

He said: “I’m very pleased with the results of the surgery and now I can wear my blazers and they fit beautifully and my waist does look smaller.

"The procedure really works but when I don’t have the corset on, it looks pretty much like it was before having the surgery because I’m still swollen and tender. It’s a long recovery but I’m starting to see the results now and I’m very pleased and happy.”

Rodrigo has long complained about the difficulties of keeping a trim figure – and his dislike of more conventional fat-burning methods such as a healthy diet and going to the gym.

Rodrigo explained: “I have been on many diets and having my ribs removed it’s going to make me smaller around the half part of my body.

“I go to the gym but going to the gym doesn’t change my body shape, doesn’t give me muscles."

Rodrigo’s surgery bill to date racks up over $500,000 and totals 60 procedures that include a face lift, brow and eye lifts, 10 nose jobs, chest implants, a fake six pack, bum implants, not to mention regular Botox and fillers.

He said: “I have had 60 plastic surgeries including three hair implants, face lift, two brow lifts, three eye lifts, 10 nose job, cheek implants, lip lift, chin implant, jaw line reshaping. I have had my ears done twice. Implants in my biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest implants. I have had liposuctions on my back; my leg fat transfer to my butt, to my calves.

“I have the most perfect six pack. I have had my entire body sculpted with the help of plastic surgery.

“The only part of my body which hasn’t been touched or modified, are my hands, my feet and my genitals.”

Initially Rodrigo wanted to have six ribs removed but no surgeon was willing to remove that many, so the real-life doll had to settle for the removal of just his four floating ribs.

He said: “Rib removal is not a very normal procedure.

“It is a procedure that I have always wanted to do. It’s been three years since I decided to have my ribs removed, so I have done a lot of research.

“It was a big decision to have the ribs removed, I have done a lot of research about the procedure and it was the most risky procedure that I have done out of everything that I have done through out my body through out the years."

Having extensively researched his options, Rodrigo travelled to the Miko Plastic Surgery Clinic in Beverly Hills, LA to undergo the five-hour operation with Dr Michael Obeng M.D, one of the world’s leading surgeons for this uncommon procedure.

Dr Michael Obeng told Barcroft TV: “This is the first male I have ever done, or that I know has been done. It was a very challenging case, it was not easy, it was difficult because as a man he has a lot of muscle mass and his skin is very thick. The skin on his back, the skin on the back was very thick, so it was very challenging.

“There is no use for floating ribs. Floating ribs in my mind are what I call spare parts that God has made, in case you needed to harvest a piece of bone. Usually we don’t harvest that bone, because there are more easy bones to harvest.”

Despite having no use, Rodrigo took home his spare ribs as a memento of his riskiest procedure and as proof to any of the doubters.

He said: “Once I was notified that my ribs were going to be incinerated, I just wanted to take them home with me. The doctor said no but I insisted that I want to have my ribs with me. Eventually the doctor left the office and I just popped the ribs in my bag and then I left the office and I came back home.

“The ribs are mine, they belong to me, they are part of my body and it is my right to have them, so and I kept them as a memory of such a big procedure and to prove to those that I actually had the procedure done.”

Dr Obeng M.D says Rodrigo’s waist could drop to 28 inches or lower, depending on how Rodrigo trains his waist. The human Ken doll is more optimistic, telling Barcroft TV: “I want to be 20 inches!”

Just weeks after the surgery, while still in recovery, Rodrigo visited his London tailor K Tailoring, to measure his vital statistics. Rodrigo has already dropped to 29 inches round his waist.

Owner Whid Saraj said: “He lost probably around the waist five inches.”

For Rodrigo, having a narrow waist adds to his individual look and makes him less like the Human Ken doll he was once named after and more like the eye-catching Disney character he wants to eventually resemble.

Rodrigo said: “I used to watch Disney movies then I wanted to look like a Disney prince. Nowadays I look like a cartoon character I think. To some people I look beautiful, to others I look a freak. People are entitled to speak whatever they think. What’s important to me, what matters to me is how I feel and I feel great.

“Why men can’t wear makeup? Why men can’t wear pink? Why men can’t wear a corset? So I can do anything and I can be anything. So if I can be anything into anything so can you.”