FOR centuries, the “castellers" of Catalonia in Spain have been competing to build the highest and most impressive human towers

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This incredible footage, shot in 360 by photographer and filmmaker Drew Gardner, shows a team known as the ‘Old Reds’ attempt to build a notoriously challenging tower not successfully achieved since 1881. Gardner travelled to Vilafranca, a small town just outside Barcelona, as thousands of spectators flooded into the packed town square to watch the castellers form a tower of five levels of four people, on top of which another level of two rested. However the tower is not considered complete until the enxaneta, a small child, has climbed to the very top and raised four fingers – said to represent the four stripes of the Catalan flag. After an initial failed attempt when the tower collapsed, the Old Reds managed to achieve their goal - and the celebrations began in earnest.