By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

A FRIENDLY humpback whale appears to say ‘hello’ as it waves its pectoral fin into the air

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Videographer / Director: Frankie Grant
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

The humpback whale waves with both fins

The stunning spectacle was captured off the shores of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in early January.

The young whale, which weighs 20 tons, breached more than a dozen times to the delight of 26-year-old scuba instructor Frankie Grant.

Cabo San Lucas can be seen in the background as the whale breaches

“I see this everyday but am always amazed as to the power of these animals, especially because they do not eat the entire time they are here in Los Cabos,” said Frankie.

The young whale emerges from the whale

“From a young age I have always been captivated by the majesty, power and unpredictable nature of wild animals.

Water falls from the whale's back as it jumps from the water

“This is why I am dedicating my entire life to the study of the ocean and sharing this knowledge with all who would like to hear.”

The whale flips onto its back as it sails through the air

Every year the whales migrate to Cabo to mate and give birth after travelling thousands of miles from the polar waters.

The young whale flips into the air

And as these images show, whales and calves alike enjoy nothing more than showing off for the camera.

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